July 18, 2024

15 thoughts on “Korean Cowboys

  1. Korea has the fastest internet per capita of any country in the world using fiber optics

  2. Last point. Guam has a social security office so maybe can register there.

    Also, if your paying for the storage $65/month, how much do you think you can sell the stuff in storage. If nothing is personal, just stop paying and let them have it. If you havent needed any item for the past year, doubt you will ever need it.

    1. There is stuff in there we want, just couldn’t bring. The stuff in there is worth about 2 years worth of payments, so just leaving it is not an option.
      I will look into the Guam thing for future travel though. I didn’t know about that $177 thing. Where did u get that info?

      1. Look on PALs website for special deals. They seem to have some sort of promotion every quarter.

  3. The first ticket to Guam is $368 amd ticket is $177 totalling $545. Have to buy the tickets by Mar 21.

    Are there military flights from Guam?

    1. It’s $383 for 2 to Korea, plus $250 (about) so about $635 to Texas. I’m sure there are flights from Guam, but I don’t know where.

      1. $383 for 2 is very cheap. What airline is that on? I might try to fly up for a weekend at that price.

        1. That’s only 1 way for 2. But check Cebu Pacific for sales. They have them going lots of places at lots of times. If you catch it right, you can do a round trip there cheaper than that for 2. I think it was P2499 per person, each way. So about P10,000 ($250)round trip for 2. Oops! Forgot to add in the Tax … but still not bad at all.

          1. I just looked up July 10th, 11th and 12th until July 13th and the total round trip (including all taxes and fees) for 2 people is around P18,700 ($467). Just so you’ll know. But I have seen it cheaper than that, by about P1000.
            This is from Cebu to Seoul.

      2. There used to be big air base in Guam during Nam war. I think had B52 flying out of same but since all cut backs might be smaller. I was going to take Hop out of there in sixtys to Clark to go on leave but would not let me board because I did’t have orders to enter Philippine so had to wait until ship arrived after 2 weeks. Then went on leave while ship was there for upkeep before going to Nam.

        1. There still is a big Air Base there, Anderson AB. I’m not sure where there HOPS go now though. I do need to check into that.

  4. How much is a ticket to Korea? Another option is to check the special fares on PAL. They have a deal where the 2nd ticket is $177 to Guam. Forgot what the 1st ticket is. I assume there are plenty of flights out of Guam to mainland.

  5. John
    I am not ex-military so I can’t use Space A but I will share a story of a friend of mine in Angeles. He is retired Air Force and spends 10 months in Angeles and goes to Portland OR for two months. He flew this last November out of Clark to a base in Japan. I am not sure where he was in Japan. He was there for a week and could never get a seat back to the States. Someone told him to go to Osan since the flights originate there so he headed off to Osan and was able to catch a flight back to the States after only one day.
    While at Osan, he was using a computer on base and was amazed at the speed. He ran a test using speedtest.net and his download speeds, that he had to share with me, were nearly 58Mbps. I get about 10.6 here. In Angeles, I get around 3 and in Calbayog I get less than 1. The download speeds at Osan are basically 60 times faster than Calbayog. Amazing!

    1. Yes. I found out that Osan travels to Kadena AB, Yokota AB and Misawa AB all in Japan like twice per week. They also travel to the US, mainly Seattle, at least twice per week. From what I’ve been able to gather, going to the States at the end of the months is the best time for retirees to travel, so that is why we plan our trip at the of April instead of the beginning of May after I get paid.
      I also plan to use a computer at Osan to set up a flight from Seattle to Texas. I hope they have computers at the terminal on Osan because I still don’t have a laptop. I’ll bet that if there were American bases here in the Philippines again, the speeds would increase. At least around where the base is.

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