July 19, 2024

7 thoughts on “Brown Water Hotel Out Downtown

  1. I think it is because Samelco is not paying their bill to the producer and they fiqure that if they shut down on saturday when most business are closed they will save money. Even though you are paying your bill what is Samelco doing with money they are collecting. I see people waiting out side there office for hours just to pay so they won’t be disconncted.

    1. I agree with George and Gary i dont think it has anything to do with putting in new poles,they are trying to save money.In the more than two months when we were there in Samar and driving to Calbyog two to three times a week i never saw anyone working on the poles or wires.
      When we lived in Subic we had to pay to have a transformer and new pole put in at our condo to get better supply of power,it took them half day and cut off power for about 30 min.

      1. As I said in the post, I don’t think that’s what they are doing either. If they are they sure are a very slow much of people because they have been doing this same thing for years.

  2. I knew about the water from Facebook. On October 11, Calbayog Tourism posted a notice from Samelco and from the Calbayog City Water District announcing the outages for October 13.

    I agree with George. I know they replace power poles all over the US on a regular basis and they don’t shut down the entire city for 12 hours. Can you imagine the backlash if they did?

    Out of curiousity, I called my electricty provider and asked if they could give me the total hours of outages. I got transferred to several different desks before I got an answer. The total over the past 10 years is 43 minutes. 3rd world compared to 1st world isn’t fair but still, that is a huge variance.

    We have plenty of water pressure at our place in San Joaquin, even on our 3rd floor. San Joaquin is 25km north of Calbayog.

    1. I have not been checking the local Facebook accounts, but I now have them in my Daily Check folder and will hopefully keep up with current events.
      Some of the people I talk to, and myself, think that the main reason why they turn all the power off is to divert power to Manila. You are so right about there being a backlash if they turned the power off for 12 hours in the whole city to replace a few poles.
      We have more than 43 HOURS in 10 WEEKS sometimes. Is the Philippines considered a 3rd world country? I always figured it was more of a 2nd world country. You know just on the tip of making it to 1st world status, but not quite yet. I don’t know though, it’s just my thinking.

  3. Well at least you have water if living inside of city limit. Wants you cross bridge leaving Calbayog after 7pm and until 7am the next morning they turn the water off. This is why when I built my house I had 2 water tanks installed for backup. I have notice that the last couple of years that water is a hit and miss service. If you live outside of Calbayog the water pressure is not even enough to make it to the second floor, if you have 2 story house. As for turning power off every saturday to the whole island just to change power post. I thank they are just blowing smoke. How many electrical companys do you know where you have lived had to turn the power off to do this.? I talked to several guys who came from Tacloban to install the TV on the wall which my wife bought at Robinson and they said, they had no brownouts like they have in Samar. I think it is just who owns the companys of what service you can expect and if they will put money back into company to improve or just pocket it and tell people, this is as good as it gets and be happy. I remember when there was no power or water service outside of Calbayog.

    1. Maybe it is that way George, but I can not settle for the “this is as good as it gets and be happy”. I am not happy about it and I think that things could and should be better. I remember, when I was young, that we had to go outside to use the outhouse, but that was the “old days”. Things are suppose to improve everywhere, that includes Samar. Of course all that is my opinion and there sure ain’t much I can do about it, unless I want to move.

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