July 21, 2024

4 thoughts on “Wayne Comes for a Visit

  1. My friend and neighbor Canadian Allan went to manila brought me back 2 lbs folgers coffee, he would not even let me pay him for it, usually we get coffee in tacloban last time i gave up the folgers to get the batangas grown gold and black coffee it was pretty good, bought 4 lbs of black and gold foe cost of 2 lbs of Folgers, I ecently contacted Thomas Coffee from St Louis,MO they make the best coffee i ever had my old workplace served it, i can get 5 lbs ground coffee shipped here $170.00

    1. Yeah you mentioned that Thomas Coffee to me before. For $170, that would have to be some outstanding coffee and I personally would not do it, but it ain’t my money. If you do get it let me know and I’ll stop by for a cup to see what a $34 per pound cup of coffee tastes like. I’ll just stick to the normal coffee, I’m new at coffee drinking anyway so I should maybe start slow. I do what to check out Bo’s Coffee Shop though downtown.

      1. Lt me know when you want to try Bo’s i would like it to, a visiting Kano told me island cafe few blocks from SO Cafe has wonderful American style breakfast and hotcakes, maybe we need to meet up there try it too?

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