May 25, 2024

10 thoughts on “Mang Inasal Encounter of the Filipino Kind

  1. To get around language barrier,I just let my wife order for me. After being married for over 40 yrs she knows by now what my like and dislike are. Beside she has to pay for it because I do not carry pesos. Also sometimes she can talk them into a senior discount.

    1. Well I could do that, but I keep trying because I’d like to make a break through. I need to more actively look for a place on line that teaches Tagalog or Waray-Waray, but I’d rather have the Tagalog.
      Wow, 40 years of marriage, that’s great. That’s in between my parents and my marriages. They’ve been married 55 years and I’m coming up on 32 years in April.
      I had the pesos on this day, but normally I let her carry them. Only problem is, when she has them they tend to disappear faster. I’m holding back on her this month, just in case. Neither of us are quite old enough for the senior discount yet, but I’ll bet when we are, she will try to. Doesn’t hurt to try.

  2. There is one easy way to overcome the language barrier… learn the local language. If you plan to live here, that’s the right thing to do anyway! It’s not as hard as you may expect.

    Good luck.

    1. I wanted to try to learn the language, but I don’t have a teacher. No one here wants to take the time to teach me. I was looking for a good place on line to try to teach myself. Do you know of one? It would have to be an audio site though. One for Tagalog would be good enough for here, but if only Waray-Waray, I’d take it.

      1. Hi John – I know that my teacher that taught me Cebuano teaches people online, but she is fully booked up right now (she can teach Tagalog as well).

        I have seen a number of sites where they have teachers who will teach you via Skype too. Really, learning the language will make you life here a lot more enjoyable!

  3. There is a chain of BBQ in Manila called Jerry’s Grill. Actually not too bad. All of the meat was a little tough, but thats local quality for you. I wish I had a grill at my condo cause we have a Aussie source of beef that is pretty good and prices are reasonable.

    BTW, you wont be getting much cheap beef in Texas. I read that the drought has pretty much wiped out Texas beef.

    1. Hey Don! If it’s local beef, then most likely I won’t eat it. I can tell you that if I had access to some Aussie beef at a good price, I’d go buy a grill. I miss it that much. As for ‘cheap’ beef in Texas, well I assume you are talking about price because quality is always good. But for a price, right now, I wouldn’t care if they raised the price by $5 per steak (which I doubt), when I get back, I’m getting steak and hamburgers. Hot dogs are not safe either. Sausage neither, although I have found at least one sausage I like here. There are probably more, but I haven’t gotten around to finding them yet.

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  4. reading your experience at the mang inisil made me laugh. Although its frustrating on occasion the language barrier its still kinda cute who innocent they can be in their mistakes. I have been reading ur blog when i can john and will see you before you go on your vacation. talk to you soon bud.

    1. In a situation like this, it’s no big deal. I can always get something to eat. It’s just that I thought I got through to her and it was still messed up.
      Okay, I’ll see you when you get here. Are you talking about my short vacation starting in a couple of days or when we go to Texas at the end of April?

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