May 23, 2024

6 thoughts on “A Subway in Calbayog?

  1. Shakey’s franchise was open over 2 years ago when I first checked on it for this are, I liked the idea as i used to Manage a Shakey’s Pizza Parlor long ago in Springfield,il, I still remember the sauce,dough, and most the pizza recipes But soon after the Robinson Mall was announced the Shakey’s franchise for this local area was not available, so I guess you assume right that Robinson’s will have it

    1. Good I’m glad. Now I need to control my urge to eat pizza every week. If they actually did have a Subway sandwich shop here, I could do that easily.

  2. I agree Juvic would be a good addition to the site,but on the other hand it might not be very good for your wieght lose program as you
    wont be getting the walks you will need every day.

    1. That’s true Wayne it would slow down my exercise. I can still go downtown and take pictures though. It doesn’t hurt to have too many pictures. I don’t got out everyday anyway even though I should and said I would. I still need to get that extra kick in the butt to get going on a regular basis.

  3. Juvic seems to be a smart kid, with common sense and a good sense of humor. I think she’d be a helpful addition to your site. Just my two cents, lol.

    1. She is pretty smart and I hope that things work out with the picture taking. We haven’t officially started yet, but I think I will give her a trial run next week to see how she does. She takes better pictures than me anyway.

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