May 23, 2024

24 thoughts on “YUM in Calbayog City for 2014?

  1. here are my feelings about fast food and franchises. americans are way too overweight because of our food supply and fast food has much to blame. here in americs it is hard to compete with fast food chains but in the philippines the sky is the limit. seems it wouldnt be that hard to copycat places like Subway or Taco Bell. Frankly, I am glad to leave those places behind and come to a country where things are like they used to be when i was growing up. Little Mom and Pop restaurants made it good and remember franchixes steal a lot of the owners profits for giving them their names and forcing them to buy their supplies and food. I feel us expats either living in the Phils or planning to live in the Phils are a unique bunch and we should come up with unique ideas and businesses to keep the RP the special place it is. Keep Americas bad habits away.

    1. I know Americans are overweight, I’m one of them, and I agree that there are way too many fast food restaurants in the US, but I only want a couple of American ones. Most of the local restaurants are places that I don’t like the food. I doubt I ever will either. After being associated with the Filipino food for almost 34 years, whatever I eat now, is all I’m going to eat. The KFC will be coming, I have no doubt. I was just hoping to get something that I like to have a change of pace once in a while.

      1. yes I understand your desire to have a variety of foods to choose from and I understand your passion for KFC and Subway. Subway makes very good bread. I am lucky, however, because a few years ago my son took over cooking in our household and he is not afraid to experiment with most anything. he found a receipe for KFC chicken breading. well it contained many spices and ACCENT which is MSG. we try to avoid MSG in our diets whenever we can so he made the receipe without it. It was not like KFC breading and overtime he has tweaked it until he has a good breading. He rolls the chicken in egg wash, then the breading mix and drops it in the FRY DADDY. he doesnt leave it in long enough to cook it all the way through…but just long enough to make the breading crisp and then he bakes it in the oven til it is tender and well cooked. I really like it and he can make good cole slaw too. I really prefer his over KFC. what I see is that your city needs more good restaurants there serving American food not only you but the Filipinos would like too. It might be hard to copy the Subway breads bu the rest of the ingredients are a no brainer although I am aware that some ingrediets we use here would not be available there. maybe some expats can come there and start restaurants that will be just as popular there without the franchises

        1. Yes it’s good to have something that your stomach likes too sometimes. To treat your stomach so to speak. It might be a bit hard for Filipinos to adjust at first, but they would eventually. But do you have the money and time to wait on them is the question.

        2. Can’t copy what you can’t get, no supplier of any deli style cold cuts in our area, Plus then you need to do your own baking Subway Breads are totally different from anything you can find in this area, mostly i use Gardenia wholewheat bread it s closer in flavor to what im used too sliced white bread here tastes more like a dessert to me way to sweet does make decent French toast though.So its probably better to buy a franchise than copy at least you get regular supplies, I was just at one the Shakey’s in Tacloban Leyte tasted just like the pizz i used to make and a store i used to manage in Central ,USA 30+ years ago.

          1. That’s true Rick. You would have to have a franchise to get the ingredients from the company and mostly the things that we were use to in the US are not available here. You could do it, kind of, sort of, but it would take some adjusting and compromising.
            I also have been the the Shakey’s in Tacloban (just not recently) and I agree that it is on quality with the US based franchises. When we ate at the Shakey’s that is in Okinawa when we were there many moons ago, it also was the same.

          2. yes i have heard many ingredients we can get here are not available there at all or only in the big cities. i agree trying to make something that tastes just the same may be a problem. i cant imagine though that kfc, mcdonalds, and places like that would ship all that stuff from america. i have heard from a dependable source that mcdonalds food taste different there than here. they seemed to think it was better and that the food was fresh and not frozen. what do you guys think? i will try it when i get there cause I am curious to see if she is right.

          3. The only Mikey D’s that I have been to in the PI is the one in Tacloban, but I don’t eat anything except the fries. They do not have the breakfast items like in the US and that and the fries are the only things I eat there. Lita seems to think it tastes the same though Now the KFC and the Shakey’s taste the same to me. I’m told that the Subways in Manila taste the same too, but I have yet to try those personally.

  2. They have a Yucko Bell in Cebu, maybe two. Please, please do not solicit more junk food to Calbayog City. It’s one of the things I’m looking forward to getting away from!

    1. I am with Randy I would rather not see any more fastfood reateraurants in Calbayog,it is very fattening and unhealthy for you.Need more nice places serving good food.

      1. Well the way I look at it is I figure that they are going to get fast food restaurants whether we want them to or not. If they happen to get a Subway franchise here, you would never hear another complaint by me for a restaurant. Doesn’t Taco Bell (aka Yucko Bell) and Pizza Hut have things that are good, or at least not so bad, for you? A regular Dairy Queen does, but I don’t consider ice cream ‘fast food’ anyway. I’d be buying a blizzard a week. Of course I’d have to walk downtown to get it and then walk off the ice cream coming home.

          1. That was a very intersting video.
            There were 3 wheeled jeepney looking type vehicles parked there. Are they for hire or do they wait unti it’s full?
            The pathway you walked passes through a housing area that was interesting.

          2. I’m glad you liked the video. I hope to make some more soon. Probably a bit shorter though.
            As far as the 3 wheeled tricycles, you can hire them for whatever price you can negotiate with the driver for as long as you need one.
            It should be somewhere between P500 to P1000, depending on the driver, the vehicle and whether you pay for his gas or not.
            Regular jeepneys are probably a bit more, but I’d think no more than P2000 per day, again depending on the driver and your negotiation skills.

        1. UJ, I think it is safe to say that there is no such thing as GOOD junk food! Even the stuff some franchises market as healthy choice items are packed with chemicals and preservatives. Yucko Bell is about the worst there is, next to Mcd’S.

          1. Well of course you are right, but I would still love to have a Subway here as a change of pace. If there was a Taco Bell, I’d go there too, but probably only a couple of times per month. I doubt I would bother going to McDonalds though, unless they have their breakfast items like in the US, and maybe their fries.

    1. Well that depends Rick. What’s a Sancho? I like the steak, chicken or beef stuff burritos they have there. With the fire sauce of course.

      1. Left over name from my old taco Gringo days in Springfield,IL
        Usually a combination meat, beans,rice, lettuce, tomato onion,sour cream wrapped up in a flour tortilla

        1. I never heard of one, but it sounds good, except for the sour cream. Oh I can eat sour cream I guess, as long as there is not very much in there.

  3. I can’t see them bringing a Taco Bell. There are none in Manila. Except for a small outlet in Singapore, I have not seen any in Asia.

    KFC, Pizza Hut and DQ are the only outlets I see in Manila. We have one Mexican chain called Mexicali, but its Tex Mex and not very good.

    1. According to this site there are at least 2 Taco Bells in the Philippines, but that could be old information. Besides, if they only have those 2, then you are probably right about them not coming all the way down to Calbayog, in Samar. I figure they’d try Cebu or Davao before us to make sure it will work for them.

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