June 25, 2024

4 thoughts on “Washing Lita, Coffee and Chicken

  1. Hi John,
    I cheated (Google) but I think you meant CONSUMMATUM EST (It is finished). The Catholic dictionary says it was Christs last words on the cross. Rizal must have been one of those exceptional minds who only comes along once every few hundred years.
    Mark G.

    1. That must be it. I just copied what I saw. I’m not one of the few people with exceptional minds, but I do believe that Rizal was.

  2. Iriga looks to be a progressive town from what I seen living out of a Phil Tranco bus for three days in 2009 during typhoon which washed road out. Bus station has lot to be desired without facilities. I think there was more water inside the CR when raining then outside do to roof leaking. Had to go into town or across street from terminal to get coffee or food. Even though Company knew buses was going no where they keep sending buses from Manila to stack up same in bus yard. When we arrived there was just 3 buses when we finally left I think there was 15 by my count. Go figure.

    1. Well we can only hope that things have gotten better there since 2009. Sounds like something I’m glad I missed.

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