July 21, 2024

4 thoughts on “In Search of … A Niche and A Life

  1. I guess you haven’t been shopping on Military Bases since you retired. I live withen 5 miles of base and found not worth shopping on same since Congress decided to screw active duty and retirees. Food,gas,and other things are cheaper outside of base if you shop around and buy stuff on sale. Commissary and PX are just conveyances now for people who live on base and do not want to leave to do their shopping. Another benefit Congress has taken away so they can give theirselfs pay raises and benefits.

    1. Yes we have been shopping on military bases since I retired. I retired in 1993 so I’ve had plenty of time to do that. We like shopping on base, but not all the time.
      We found that we could get some things off base less expensive, but for us, it’s better to get most of it all in one spot. The gas prices were a little lower on base anyway. We like being around the military type environment still.

  2. I think the fact that you’re an American in Calbayog City is enough of a niche for me, lol. I like to keep tabs of whats going on there, even if it’s only day to day things, and your web site is the best site I’ve found for that. I used to go to the ‘Ex-pats in Samar’ site but it doesn’t appear it’s been updated in a long time. I also go to Bob Martins site because it’s very informative about everyday life in the Philippines in general. If you concentrate on providing consistent accurate information on Calbayog City that would be important to an America expat living in the area I’ll be back to visit your site regularly. Take care.

    1. If everyone felt the way you did, then I would have my niche already. I think that my best bet so far is Calbayog, but I’m still thinking.

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