July 21, 2024

5 thoughts on “Long Jay Short Order

  1. Ant Problems. stop at jst mar go to the back counter near the office supplies ask for the Insecticide chalk, just draw the chalk along the perimiter of where you don’t want the ants to cross, like arouns a window,threshold,or around the edge of a kitchen counter, they won’t cross the chalk marks and die if they do.
    The Gardenia Wheat bread in a green wrapper is my favorite bread here too , thicker less dense texture, not so sweet like the white bread, the white bread makes better french toast though i think. I will send you an email about the breakfast plans.

    1. I’ll give that chalk stuff a try. If it works I’ll give some to the kids and tell them to draw all over the walls. (jk)
      Yes that’s the bread I mean. It is rather good. I never had wheat bread french toast that I can remember and it doesn’t even sound like it’d be good.
      I assume you mean the breakfast plans for the Island Cafe, so I’ll go look at my e-mail now.

      1. Well I tried to go to my mail but for some reason I can’t get to the Yahoo sign in page. The rest of Yahoo is working though.
        I’ll have to keep trying.

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