July 20, 2024

2 thoughts on “Swapping OS with a Bamboo Bicycle

  1. Hi John,

    Your story about your computer troubles unfortunately reminded me of something on my to do list. That is fix the computers in our internet cafe. They got hit with a virus I suspect so I am afraid that after I get done screwing around with them I will have to call a tech. I am getting quite tired of carolers at the gate. Call me scrooge but I am getting pretty close to the point where I want to crank up the pressure washer and share my Christmas Joy! I don’t mind the singing but apparently my two pugs hate it so they are barking wildly. We are working hard to get the bakery going by Friday so we can host a Christmas giveaway. It is a bit frustrating at times because I still have limitations due to my back so I have the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak syndrome. Take care!

    1. Howdy again Tom. Sounds like you’re fixing to do a lot of fixing. Yeah, those viruses, if that’s what it is, are a pain in the backside at times.
      I also am very tired of the carolers, but I don’t have any dogs. There are just so many of them and as of now, we are not in a position to pass out a lot of pesos. I hope to be more Christmasy next year and pass out a few hundred of them throughout the week.
      I think a bakery is an excellent idea and if I had my way, that is what we would have here instead of this sari-sari store.
      If you check my post tomorrow, it will have a reference and a link to your article that you wrote for Dave. I really did like it and I am guilty of confusing the two. I’m not sorry I moved to the Philippines though.
      That invitation to guest post is still valid. Just send a post whenever/if you are ready and I’ll be sure it gets on.
      Maybe your back could use a nice full body massage. Do you think your asawa would approve of one of those by a pretty Pinay? Probably not and someone with more power may be the best answer anyway. Even if it doesn’t help permanently, it would sure feel good temporarily.
      Someday, probably after summer, Lita and I will be visiting places in the Philippines. Iloilo is high on my list of places to see. I hope to be able to see all of y’all when we do finally get over that way.
      Good luck in fixing your computers, your bakery and your back.

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