May 27, 2024

6 thoughts on “Rat Trap for Leaky Cat

  1. Yeah i read your stuff i need contact information on the fan guy i got a broken exhaust fan, i still can’t get email to you in yahoo, maybe you blocked me? i sent pics of Marcial grill andSO cafe to you

    1. I don’t have any contact information for him. He just shows up with the fans. He’s suppose to be here in about 2 weeks to bring us another fan. Remind me when the time gets closer and I’ll tell him about it, or I’ll have Lita tell him about it, he probably wouldn’t understand me. And as you already know, that e-mail thing is now fixed.

  2. I also read the blog almost everyday,i relly enjoy the stuff about calbyog area,as i am more familure with that area.You talk about not wanting fly the little planes and going on the ferries,there are far more boating accidents
    than plane wrecks.I have been around fishing boats my whole life and have been on a couple of ferries and they make me nervious,check out the weather before you board
    just somthing to think about.

  3. I like to read your rambling. Gives me ideal what I have to look forward to if I can talk my wife into staying longer then a month each year when she retires soon. Have been having trouble accessing your site last couple of days. One time everything came up except your posts. Next time said I was not allowed to access because of spamming. What the hay?.

    1. I know about that problem and I think I have it fixed now. Let me know if it happens again though George. Thanks for keeping me posted on the user end.
      So I guess that means you do read my whole posts. That’s good. At least they are not a complete waste of time.

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