May 25, 2024

8 thoughts on “To Joe or not to Joe

  1. Hey Joe, What’s your name? I hear a lot from younger Filipinos from older ones I hear Hello my friend, I look at it as just a greeting, I reply with my name and if kids, call them dong if older I say pare ko or kuya, it does get smiles when they hear their own language. The piso,piso, pasko, crap gets on my nerves I learned a loud hindi is enough to draw attention to what’s going on and usually ends the piso piso requesting Filipinos because they hate to be embarrassed at any age. When the gates of our compound are open we sometime get beggars or the singing guitar players both I find as irritable but best way to get rid of them is ignore them behind closed doors.

    1. Usually when you tell any Filipino something in Tagalog, they smile. I wonder if the white people here that speak fluent Tagalog have them rolling all day long? I usually hide in the house all day, so I don’t see too many beggars. I wouldn’t mind giving some of them food, especially the old ones, but then they come by more often and come to expect it all the time and maybe they tell each other.

      1. How do you keep your sanity being cooped up all the time UJ? I’m an outdoor kinda guy and you won’t find me inside too often. My thoughts about beggars – why would a beggar tell another beggar about their source of free food and ruin it for themselves? It could go both ways I guess. Sometimes it just may be hard to keep a good secret with the good ole bamboo telegraph. 🙂

        1. Oh I don’t mind getting out, if there is something to do. I can stay for hours upon hours in front of the computer though. It’s one of the things that keeps me from eating so much too. When I’m on the computer I tend not to eat very much at all. I do seem to drink more though, not all alcohol either.

    2. I guess you can’t pity the guy who’s real name is Joe! I usually just ignore them and over time I’m sure they will get to know your name, especially in the smaller communities. I agree with you on the begging thing – a healthy ‘hindi’ usually prevents it in the future. After three years of living in Olongapo, I felt I had everyone well trained along my normal daily route but could get annoyed whenever I had to deviate. hahah.

      1. This “vacation” I was on, I met a guy named Joe, remember. I told him that I guess the “Hello Joe” doesn’t bother you. It didn’t.

  2. I usually respond to the ‘Hello Joes’ because I take it for granted the kids are just trying to be friendly and have a little fun. Their English may not be that good so I generally respond with a ‘Kamusta Ka?’ of my own. That makes the smiles even wider and gets some of the shyer ones to smile, too. Kids will be kids after all. It’s not the ‘Hello Joe” but the ‘peso, peso’ that I find a little annoying, lol.

    1. Like I said in the post, I had it in my mind that it was rude for kids to be saying “Hey Joe”. Since I’ve brought this subject up on here and talking with a couple of other people, maybe I was wrong. I’m not wrong about the “Peso, Peso” though, that will still bother me. You are right, it gets annoying when you get too many of them asking on a daily basis. Luckily I don’t have them asking me daily anymore.

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