May 26, 2024

5 thoughts on “Donate the Frost Free Tricycle

  1. I’m living at San Antonio Texas and married to Filippina We are going to retire at Philippine Mindanao Tagdag (we have land )about 4 years from now ! Please can you tell me what is of cost living and how much cost of building house about 1700 sqf just averge !
    Thank you !


    1. I met my wife in San Antonio TEXAS. It’s the only big city I actually like.
      I wouldn’t be very good at telling you that information, but I know someone a lot more qualified. If you go to the front page of this website, look for the 2 sites that have Mindanao in them.
      Those are Bob Martin’s websites. He has been living in the Mindanao area for years and he can tell you a lot about it.
      Please let him know I sent you to him.
      Thanks for checking out my site and I hope you continue to do so.

      1. Hello UJ
        Thank you for the Information !
        We been thanking about our stuff and cars
        to take to philippine when we move to
        philippines, is anybody know are they
        going to charge tax or duty fee? If some
        know about this please let us know !
        Thank you kindly!

        1. I have checked into shipping a car to the Philippines and it would cost more than buying a brand new one there,with taxs and so on,much less all the hassles you would go threw on the manila end.But check the site John talked about i use it all the time,any question you might have bob or someone on his site has done it or can give you alot of info.shipping house hold stuff threw forex is the best as there is no inspection.good luck.

          1. I shipped 32 boxes via Forex from Texas to the Philippines. They don’t care how heavy the boxes are, they charge by the box. It was $90 per box though to ship to Samar. I think it’s about the same for Mindanao. I’m pretty sure there is a Forex office at Marbach Plaza (if it’s still called that, it’s been years for me). That’s on the south side of San Antonio and I don’t know where you live there. It should be in the phone book though. It is a no hassle shipment and they even take a picture of the person that received your goods to send to you. My last 2 shipments were received by me though, so I don’t know what they did with the picture they took. If I was you I would not bother bringing kitchen electronic stuff unless you are prepared to buy the transformers for them or build a house with the 110 voltage versus the 220 they use here.

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