May 27, 2024

6 thoughts on “Short Ado Fitness Idea Adding Sickies

  1. they are currently having a free surgical mission @the convention center, the batch of doctors are all from the US

    1. kewl! Is it the same batch that was at the Ciriaco Hotel a couple of days ago? What does this ‘surgical mission’ involve? Are they giving free surgeries? (jk)

  2. With all the new hotels there you would think the prices would becoming down to try to fill rooms.havnt heard much about brown outs,has that slowed or is it the inlaws have said the brownouts have slowed in the trangdan area.

    1. I’ll be checking on those hotel prices, hopefully soon.
      The brown outs have slowed down, but there are times when they just have multiple ones in a day. Those are the days that I want to strangle someone.
      They still have all day scheduled brown outs too, but I hope to see a day when those disappear altogether.

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