May 25, 2024

6 thoughts on “The End of a Wonderful Life

  1. John I am sorry to here Khany had passed,we had a brother inlaw pass away acouple of years ago,not to long after we were in samar on a visit,he wasnt feeling well and within a few months was gone,they just dont go to the doctor until it is to late.He was one of my favorites,just a real nice guy,very humble and a fun guy to be around.
    If more people there would sign up for phil health it would help,we finally got Resiels parents sister to do it.

    1. Thanks Wayne. He also was a fun guy to be around and was very helpful. He was on medication but, from what I hear, they ran into some financial difficulties and had to choose between the meds and other things. I guess they figured he could go without the meds for awhile since he had that hypertension for years before he even knew he had it. I hope that, at least, others will learn from this.

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