June 16, 2024

8 thoughts on “Life in Calbayog Goes On

  1. John, Tricare should reimburse you for meds prescribed by a certified DR. Go to the Tricare Overseas site for answers to your questions. Or, visit “TRICARE Overseas, The Wall Of Shame” on facebook as some of those guys will have the answers.
    Oh, and the answer to the Einstein puzzle is: The German owns the fish! 😉

  2. John I was just reading harry the horse feb. post,he has a section towards the bottum of it dealing with tricare might be some help to you.
    Also Paul Thompson who writes articles on live in the philippines has talked about tri care as he uses it,he can asnser any questions you may have.

  3. Another thing John I found out that you can send receipts to Tricare for hospital stay and meds when not in states and they will reinburse you for them. Just have to do it within 1 yr of care.

  4. Have you tried contacting VA affairs office at Embassy?. Maybe they can help you get meds. Tricare here takes prescriptions by fax now for meds which are not carried by base and they send them in the mail no charge for mailing. You just have to sign up for program and they charge less then drug stores. I don’t know if they will send meds out of country. Also the doctor who prescribes the meds is the one who has to fax it in. They also give you 90 supply with 4 refills, for maintance drugs.

  5. John instead of Korea you might think of going to bangkok i have purchased pills there 10cents on the dollar,no presc. very easy,if you book ahead cebu pacific has promos there.

    1. I could but I have no way of knowing if they have my prescription there. Besides, if I can get in on base in Korea, it would be free.

      1. Itake bloodpressure gout and a few others,only one they dont have is chrons meds.They carry more than most drug stores in the philippines.You can also get meds much cheaper in manila at thegeneric stores while traveling threw there.calbayog is more expensive than up north.

        1. You know there is one of those Generic Drug Stores here. I have not checked with them, but I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to try.

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