July 19, 2024

2 thoughts on “Hello Baybay

  1. UJ (John)

    I am really enjoying your site (even though you are a Cowboy fan).

    Baybay is a great place and I miss it alot. My asawa lived in Baybay for a little over 1 year. The apartment cost was 5,000 peso a month. Being 6’5″, I really enjoyed the pot-pot rides. My favorite place to eat was Backstage. Good food and nice people working there. I hope to retire in Baybay someday. Thanks for sharing your visit.

    Here’s a picture of the market. I enjoyed visiting it on 2 visits to see my asawa.


    1. Glad you took the time to send a comment Jack. My visit to Baybay wasn’t much. We were just basically passing through.
      My asawa does have relatives there though. I plan to make a longer visit there someday soon and I will try to remember to check out Backstage. Anyplace that is good to eat is a good place to stop by. That’s for the photo also.

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