April 20, 2024

11 thoughts on “Falling in Line

  1. no, but to get a complete list of hotels, restaurants, and tourist spots you can go to the calbayog tourism office at JD. Avelino ave. beside the city hall. They give off free brochures

    1. I just may go by their office and see what is available. See if there is something I can use.
      I just joined the Calbayog tourism Facebook, so I’m hoping to find out things there too.

    1. My bad. I’ll correct it. BTW…you’re from Calbayog, what do you think of my hotel and restaurant listings so far?
      Do you know of another site that has these things listed?

        1. I will see if I can get some closeup pictures of the new market. I’ll even try to use my nephew to get inside to take some pictures.
          Which pictures would you like at skyscrapercity? All of them? I tried to download some pictures one day of the Marju Krisel, but I couldn’t get it to work. I’ll try again.

        2. I’m trying to figure out how to put the pictures on there, but I see that you are good at it. You just put 6 of my pictures on there about Carmelo’s. Could you also remember that if you use my pictures to put my website on there also? I’ll keep trying.

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