May 24, 2024

5 thoughts on “Filling the Trash with Valentines and Children

  1. Don’t feel bad UJ. When you blog and publish, someone at sometime will attack. When you swim in the ocean a lot, eventually something will bite you! As a real estate blogger, I was once accosted for attaching a cartoon graphic, one that was altered from it’s orignial state (and not by me). I was scolded, harassed, and legally challenged with threats of copyright infringement charges and a lawsuit, which I had no legal leg to stand on. I have been very careful since to only publish my own content, and then I even scrutinize myself. I may discuss other content or topics and will always place a link to that content which I believe to be an accepted etiquette in internet publishing [today anyway]. Tomorrow, the sun comes up again and who knows. I believe that if you always take an editorial approach to your content, you should be okay. Although I haven’t added much new blog content lately, you are invited to my blog:
    I have a wordpress account but have never used it much. Blogging and SEO of my websites used to consume so much of my time, I was losing focus on the real job of selling real estate. I think because I liked blogging and the computer side of things much better! Today, I read others blogs and about their dilema’s….like that guy in Bagacay!

    1. Okay, you got a little smile out of me on that last sentence. That was not a very common sight today, a smile from me.
      I been thinking that if that place that said they wanted to put a banner on my site, falls through, I just might give up the blog too.
      Maybe I’d be better at reading, commenting and guest blogging on other sites.
      I don’t know, maybe I’m just gloomy right now.
      I’m going to bed.
      Good nite Randy … and everyone else reading this.

    2. Well I’m a little better this morning, but not much.
      As for only doing my own content, well that would decrease the # of hits I get on this blog, not that it seems to matter how many I get.
      I now think that everything on my site is legal by any law, at least I hope so. I suppose I should go through the things in my trash and make those legit and re-post them. I’m sure that me taking them all off the site will cause a lot of errors for people searching.

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