July 20, 2024

2 thoughts on “Samelco Power or Not

  1. Last time our power went out due to a downed line it was because my San Miguel beer truck backed down the street to get to my house and took two wires out. I know he knew he could not get to my house because he always parks and delivers beer to the sari-sari stores and my house with a hand truck. Maybe he thought if he backed down the street it would be different. Not! Anyway, Samelco was here withing the hour and had things all fixed. You can always go to the Samelco I facebook page and get their attention.

    1. Well I hope that you at least got your beer (even though it was probably SML). I have been to the Samelco FB page and left some messages. I’ve only gotten a response once though. I need to figure out the schedule of the beer truck at the Ciriaco and get a case from them. Normally I don’t drink too much unless I’m at a party, so a case would probably last me a couple of months, unless I get some help drinking it.

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