March 2, 2024

6 thoughts on “OJT for Grace

  1. Isn’t it funny how when the young male is ready to leave the nest, he gets a big nudge, but when the females leave, we do everything to make sure there wings are good and they can fly and won’t crash and burn.

    1. I wonder why that is? It’s not like a young male is capable of doing better in the world than a young female. Maybe because we know deep down inside that a lot of the world is still prejudice and it will be more difficult for the female to climb that life ladder. Maybe it’s because the female (usually the weaker sex) may have to put up with a weak minded man that wants more than she is willing to give. Maybe it’s just the built in chivalry of the male to take care of the female. I say “male” because I think the mother of the one leaving the nest is probably equally worried whether it is a son or daughter leaving. Whatever it is, it is what usually happens and I don’t see it changing, at least in my lifetime.

  2. Good for her! She seems fairly smart and level headed. I think she’ll do fine as long as she doesn’t get hypnotized by the big city, lol.

    1. Well Mark I also think she is smart and level headed. And I don’t think she will be hypnotized by the big city either. I’m sure she will be fine, as Don says, but I’m going to be wondering how she is doing regardless, hoping for nothing but good things.

  3. Am sure there will be no problems I live in Makati, fairly close to QC. I she has any issues, let me know.

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