May 27, 2024

10 thoughts on “Response to Steve at Philippines Plus

  1. UJ,
    You are right. This is one of those so called expats with experience who just write about things they see the first day of their arrival.
    They do not have any experience at that moment, but think that their experience is what others also have.
    People like that better stay in the US or elsewhere.

    1. I mean I know that the Philippines is not a paradise, as some try to make it out as, but it’s pretty decent. It’s like scotch, an acquired taste. I just can’t understand people that want to be that way. Spreading things like that is wrong because it gives others inaccurate information to make a decision that will be affecting their entire lives. I hope that anyone seeing it also sees the other comments and does some further checking. I also hope that anyone that he has told in person, does further checking.

  2. Howdy UJ,
    It appears the poor guy may be suffering from brainus deadous. It’s the Philippines for god’s sake, suck it up and enjoy the people and country and all the mystery foods they cook and serve. All the years we lived there was an adventure for me, and each day I loved it more and more. Yea, there was filipino time, but hell that’s just like living on the south Texas border with Mexico. Sorry I haven’t been by in a while, had a case of kidney stones starting the night of Dec 23rd until Dec 29th and was more or less knocked out from the pain meds they put me on until i finally passed the stone(friggin bowling ball).
    John D

    1. Hey John. I had strong feelings about his remarks, that is why I was prompted to write a whole article on it instead of just leaving a comment on that site. I will agree that the Philippines is not for everyone, but he was just throwing out things that he didn’t do any research on at all.
      I’ve never had a kidney stone (knock on wood) and I hope I never get one. I hear it’s the closest a male can come to giving birth, so I’d like to stay away from anything like that. Being knocked off your feet I can understand. It’s like when I had gout, it’s just not feasible and sometimes not possible to get to the computer to do things.

  3. Hi John,
    Finally catching up on your posts. The Holiday season gets crazy here with my family. In Calbayog Cheryl entertained her family for Christmas and while it was expensive it wasn’t outrageous. It was the first time she had done everything herself and she wanted everything to be perfect. I was going to go over for Christmas but my Dad has some problems here and I wanted to see him as it may be our last Christmas together. In regards to this post our total monthly expenditures there come to about P20,000 but that’s for everything; food, house, electricity etc. Doesn’t even cover the mortgage here.

  4. Good response John. Obviously this person had more should re-look at his priorities and decide on a better place to visit or travel to. Myself, I cant say enough good things about the PI. You will never meet a more down to earth people any where in the world. Sure there are problems with poverty but it seems to me you always see these poeple smiling and happy and forever gracious to help you in any way they can. I dont know if i could permanently live in the PI but i will be staying for extended periods of time and returning home with my wife atleast twice a year.

    1. Well Blair a lot of people that can afford to travel back and forth do exactly the same as you say you will. Heck if I could afford it I probably would to, at least I would go somewhere. It’s not that I don’t like it here, but being retired, I’d like to travel a bit more. I’m still working on the how to do that, but I’m getting closer.
      I think Filipinos are very friendly and I still have not met one I didn’t like, but I’m sure they are out there somewhere. I’m going to keep looking for that ‘bad’ Filipino, that way I can meet a lot of ‘good’ Filipinos along the way.

      1. My problem is getting wife to stay in Philippines longer then a month yearly, even though we have all the comforts of home there. After she catchs up on local gossip and in 2 weeks she is ready to leave. She say’s she gets bored and tired of listing to all the problems of her relatives. Maybe when the shopping centers finally opens she will not be so bored.

        1. Well you need to be sure she stays busy I guess. I’m sure that when the stores start pouring in, she’ll be able to find some things to do. I don’t think you can do much about the listening to the relatives though, unless you don’t live near them, that might help.

  5. Unfortunately, guys like this will complain regardless of where they are. He is obviously out of touch with the realities of living in the Philippines. Most guys I know move there for a more simple life with less stress. Yes, adjustments must be made to live there, but the same could be said about moving to any country. Better if he just stay in the U.S. where he will have plenty to complain about in the coming years.

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