July 21, 2024

4 thoughts on “Christmas Eve 2012

  1. We’ve been singing karaoke for three straight nights now! We arrived in Calbayog last Saturday via Tacloban and we’ll be leaving for Manila on the 29th.

    So how did Red Horse taste?

    1. That karaoke is sure a popular thing around here. The Red Horse tastes strong and bitter as usual, but I forced myself to drink it anyway.
      My wife was thinking I was forcing myself too many times.

      1. Karaoke is popular anywhere in the Philippines! I don’t like Red Horse that much too, I prefer San Mig Pale Pilsen, which they say is for old people haha

        1. Oh yeah, I know that karaoke is popular here. Very popular. I was being sarcastic when I said I ‘forced’ myself to drink it. I like Red Horse better than SMB. So ‘really’ it wasn’t that hard for me to do. It’s strange too because in Texas my favorite beer was Miller Genuine Draft (MGD) and it’s like the opposite of Red Horse in taste. I guess here I don’t have as much choice really, so I go with what I think is better.

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