July 19, 2024

13 thoughts on “Philippines Yahoo Space Flight Cat

  1. I use a Citi card almost exclusively. I tell Citi when I travel in the Philippines. I have had a couple of issues over the years so I carry more than one card. Citi is recognized by all the major retailers there because they have a pretty big presence in the Philippines.

    I use Skype several times a week to talk with the wife. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not. It depends what side of the island she’s on, lol.

  2. So how are you trying to sell the truck? Word of mouth? Sulit.com seems to be a good site, a little like ebay or craigslist.

    1. Mostly word of mouth I guess. Titing is doing the selling, I’m just waiting. I’d like for it to get sold, and soon, but I’m not going to worry about it.

  3. Hi john. Just a quick question for you or any of your readers. My fiance and i use SKYPE daily to talk to the philippines and canada. Does anyone else use it ? and if so, are you having lots of troubles with it disconnecting always? I see that there are many people complaining about it online in other sites but there is no way to correct the problem and skype gives no way to correct it wither.

    1. I use Skype. In fact it is my main communication with my new host, Rich. My Skype name is: uncle7john. I have had very little problem with it. Sometimes it disconnects, but not very often. Usually it’s problem free for me.

    2. My wife uses skype with the video function a lot. Between Manila, SG and US. Some of the problems have to do with the bad Philippine connections or slow speed.

    3. We use it to talk to the Philippines and some days is better than others. Sometimes it can disconnect once per minute, other times it may last for 20 minutes. You just never know. I’ve heard it can be related to wireless quality and is better with a broadband hard connection.

  4. Maybe your paypal is like my Master card they flag anything that says Philippines. I tried paying my plane tickets with my card and they blocked it until I called and verified it was me using it. I asked them why and they said that the Philippines is so corrupt that they block all use until they can verify who is using the card. They also said that if I want to use my card I will have to call them and let them know what dates I will be in the Philippines so they can unblock it for use there.

    1. I’ve been through this already with the bank. They blocked my card twice. It hasn’t happen for quite a while now after I called them and told them I live here and they should not worry about it. I will go by the bank in person when back in Texas and re-verify that also.

    2. Had the exact same problem when trying to purchase air tickets. It’s not the bank per se that blocks the use, it is either Visa or MC. I had to provide dates of travel to Visa so I would be able to use our card.

        1. Our cards are also debit cards but are still managed by Visa. When you contact your bank, they in turn will contact Visa or MC as they are the ones that block and unblock. The bank is only the processing agent for card company. They did give me the direct number for Visa in case I had any problems outside normal business hours in the states.

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