June 17, 2024

3 thoughts on “I’s Plant Hotel

  1. can you tell me the situation in calbayog city is there much destruction in town especially around the marina area i stayed in 2010 at is plant and would like some imformation is ciriaco hotel functional or destroyed thank you

    1. No destruction whatsoever Graham. In fact I think that ALL the hotels in town were filled to capacity for awhile with people from down south that were affected by the typhoon. At least every hotel with a generator.

  2. i stayed in this hotel numerous times and i found to to be lovely. a home away from home. last time i was there the pool was not yet constructed. hopefully it will be. ciriaco hotel is quite pricy and far from the city so its not very convenient if your purpose to go to calbayog is work related.
    hoping they have a booking online facility

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