July 18, 2024

8 thoughts on “Overweight Fantasy of Metal Cowboys

  1. Thanks for thinking of me John. I did see some photos on Facebook of the race and the fiesta. Looks like quite the show. Someday I’ll see it or one like it I suppose. Glad to hear you’re bakeries are doing well. I believe the barangay on the other side of the bridge is Bgy. Capoocan, starting at about PNB I think. Here’s a link to the photos. I hope you don’t mind me posting it.


    1. Are you kidding? I wish people would post more things. I really wish people would write stories concerning the Philippines and let me post them on the site.
      Even if they are not great stories or the spelling is bad. I can correct the spelling and any grammar errors. Y’all check out the photos at the link Mark put up. There are a lot of pictures of the festival.

    2. Soon as you cross the bridge, you are at the edges of brgy Obera,Carmen, and Capoocan, Brgy Carmen is bacically in front of the PNB as Cappoocan goes towards the ocean. and is part the old hiway

        1. Yeah Rick lives here in Calbayog, right close to the downtown area. He’s all over the place down there, so I’m sure he’s right with what he says.

          1. I have lived here in btgy Rawis on Magsaysay Blvd Ext for about 2 years, our first Apartment was in brgy Capooca, on hiway 26 across from the bus terminal/restuarant, and next door to a barber shop but there is a church there now where our Apartment was.
            Where i am now the new Robison’s will be one way down the street where the old RFM was and we are not far from CKC the other direction

  2. John i gained 10lbs when i was there in samar,like you i was at the bakery to much and to much pop,havent had any since i have been back,
    lost12lbs so far.try that,with alittle exercise you will lose weight.
    One time when we were i LaUnion there was a guy with metal detector
    on the beach he was finding coins and jewelry with not much digging

    1. Yeah gaining weight is fun, but losing it is hard work. Of course losing it is better for you usually.
      I don’t know if I can buy a decent metal detector here, or buy one at all actually, but I think next time I’m in the US, probably Sept 2013, I will get one. Maybe a trip to Korea and going to the BX. They might have one there. Not much digging sounds good, but I’ll bring the nephew just in case.

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