May 23, 2024

14 thoughts on “Marju Krisel Facebook Tex-Mex Festival

  1. I am very impressed with the pictures of the new addition at Marju Krisel. It looks great. I like the pool there also and we had a big party there during my first trip to Samar in 2006. It looks so much better now.
    We have an oven at our place in San Joaquin and we have provided many treats to family and friends that they had never experienced before, things like cake, brownies, muffins, cookies, etc.
    I love Tex-Mex but, as you know, the biggest issue is getting the quality ingredients you need, especially hamburger. When I return in December, I will be bringing a big bag of burrito shells from Costco so my wife can try making tacos and burritos again. The last attempt back in May turned out ok but there is lots of room for improvement.

    1. Yes Gary the Marju does look a lot nicer now. I still need to get there in person, but I think Ramil and I will be heading to the hotels to re-affirm their prices this coming weekend. At least he said he’d go with me. We’ll see.
      That’s one of the reasons why we want an oven too. The relative Filipinos around here usually just stick to what they know to eat, they don’t try new things and without an oven, well you are just missing out on all kinds of different foods.
      Yes it is hard to find quality ingredients for Tex-Mex, which is my favorite food, but we keep trying. It’d be easier to make burritos with an oven though. Lita uses the lumpia wrappers to make taco shells and they turn out well. You have to form them while they are cooking. Very crispy shells. Jen is still young and it’s something totally new for her, she will figure it out.
      Thanks for being back in the comment community.

      1. We have oven at our place, when we were there we brought cake mix,cookies and brownies like gary, they really liked them they couldnt believe Resiel made,they were a big hit.we brought canned frosting but that didnt work out to good,it melted to fast in the heat.

        1. Even some of the things Lita makes on the stove top, they ask if she bought it. Lita is not the best baker in the world, but otherwise she is an excellent cook. She does have many things that she can bake that her cousins have never heard of, much less tasted. I think if we had an oven, it would be a big hit here also.

        2. Yes, canned frosting doesn’t work too good. I have also found that starlight mints can’t handle the heat either unless I store them in the ref.

          1. All good things to know when/if we get our oven. I’m sure hoping for it, but not just for baked good. I like baked chicken and the chicken/cheese/jalapeno things Lita makes for me I’d rather have baked than fried. Although we don’t have jalapeno’s we just use the hottest pepper we have available. Also just FYI, although I do like baked chicken, the fried chicken and chicken adobo are still better for me.
            I never had a “Starlight” mint, but if they are like the “York” peppermint patties, then I understand the mess they make. I’m use to that though, since I’m from Texas, the mints melt even faster there.

  2. Hi John,
    That fiesta must be starting this weekend as the Missus informed me she will be entertaining visitors from the island for the weekend, and of course that affects the budget, lol. I wish I was there for the fiesta as I understand this one is a pretty good party. If you happen to post a few photos of it it would be appreciated. I did read the retirement in the Philippines post as I hadn’t seen it before. Good story. The Marju Krisel is quite impressive. The wife never wanted to stay there because it was inconvenient to downtown. She may change her mind now as the apartment is not that far from there. I wouldn’t mind visiting it next time I’m over.

    1. Yes Mark I believe the official kickoff date of the fiesta is on 7 Sep (Friday), so it’s going to be one heck of a weekend around here. I hope to be able to get downtown to take a few photos, I missed out last year.
      I’m glad you read that Retirement in the Philippines. That was the main reason why I re-posted it, for people that may have missed it and maybe didn’t know to look for it buried in the blog.
      The Marju Krisel is a bit out of town, but I always figured that if I was visiting here, I’d stay there. I think that if I ever decide to give a big party, it will be there too.

      1. Hey John. When I click on your photos, I get a new page open up with only a thumbnail photo, just like the one in the post. Is there not a way to get them to expand like on other sites? Don’t forget there is always some information about the going on’s in Calbayog City at

      2. Actually, I just clicked on the thumbnail in the new page and the photo then expanded. I’m just too impatient I suppose. 😀

        1. I thought the way I was doing it would make it open straight up into a larger picture, but as long as it does, that’s the important thing.
          Some of the older pictures will not do it, yet, because I have not gotten around to fixing them. When I first started, I didn’t know about such things.

        2. I am already on a “Like” basis with Calbayog Tourism, but thanks for bringing it to my attention. I know they have the annual festival this weekend, but it’s nice to see what people are saying about it.

          1. John have you seen any work being done on the Robinson store, I haven’t heard anything on that,hope they are still going to build it.

          2. I haven’t been by there Wayne, but I heard that nothing much has been done. I want to go by there and hope to soon.

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