July 19, 2024

13 thoughts on “Our 2015 Journey Begins

  1. glad to hear your back from your trip. we will be arriving at our house in sorsogon city on the 14th of october. i’m planning on taking a trip across to visit you all there.

    1. Cool. Let us know when your coming exactly. Maybe we can have a get together with a few of the other expats in the area.

  2. My wife was up to Traveling on Bus we went back and forth to Manila several times. But when we got stranded along the road for 3 days with no CR or food that was last time we ever took the Bus. Now she will not even talk about taking Bus again. It is Plane only no matter the Cost.

    1. I don’t really like taking the bus either, but Lita does because it’s so much cheaper. I think it’s going to take something like us getting stranded for 3 days before she will change her mind. Maybe when/if they get a couple more airlines that travel in and out of here, the price will go down a bit.

    2. I am curious as to why it took 3 days for a bus company to get assistance to you though. Surly the drivers have some way to contact the main office. If not, then someone most likely had a cell phone to call, assuming they do have a place to call. You’d think that they would want to keep the customers satisfied so they will continue to use their bus line. I mean there are so many other to choose from. For being such nice people, customer service is not one of the Philippines strong points.

      1. It was a Real Circle Jerk. More about money then Customer service or Safety. Remind me when I see you and I will tell you about it. It was a National Geographic experience.

  3. Hey John did you know your web site was down for almost a week? The wife was complaining to me that she could not access it and what was wrong. I said I did not know why maybe he is gone somewhere and forgot to pay it. Any way good to see up and running again. Next time you see Randy tell him I thought he was going to do away with Captcha. I have tried to send him Comments on his site several times but it keeps kicking me out. Maybe his site is like my e-mail will not let you access it unless in Country or it thinks you are a hacker. We are Planning on coming back this Jan to see what the weather is like during that time. Have you been to the beach lately and noticed if they have finished Bridge going by are area on the Highway? Looking forward to returning and Hanging out and Drinking a few cold ones.

    1. Yes I realize the site was down, but I didn’t realize it until we returned from Okinawa. We were gone for like 9 days, so not sure how long it was down exactly. I also have a problem with my main Yahoo account. I can not access it. That sucks too because it’s my main e-mail account and ALL my fantasy football.
      I’ll inform Randy.
      January weather will be just like almost any other time. Hot & humid some days, rainy other days.
      We traveled on the bus through that area and I was not paying attention, but I think I remember them still working on that. Randy would probably know better, he travels more than I do.
      Sure be glad to have y’all back. If you’re coming back in January, my birthday is on the 18th. Damn, I’m getting to be like a Filipino, always giving ‘hints’ about birthdays.
      But don’t you worry about being over stocked in beer, I’ll try to help you keep the supply manageable.

        1. January 19th is on a Tuesday. Sounds like a good day to have a party. Of course when you’re retired any day is a good day to have a party.

  4. I’m curious as to why it took 2 hours to cross the San Bernardino Straights? Normally it is a 45 minute trip. And see, if you had joined the Navy instead of the Air Force, you would know how to walk around on deck while the ship is underway! lol

    1. I think it depends on which ferry you get because the one coming back was like you said, only about 45 minutes or so. We’ve been on a ferry that got past up by another ferry that left the same port as we did, only about 30 minutes (or so) later.
      Maybe you are right about the walking around on deck thing, but it’s a small thing in life and I’ll get over it.

      1. Also in the Navy you learn to walk down passage way or out side on Deck caring a full coffee cup while the ship is rolling back and forth at about 20 to 25 Degrees and not spilling any.

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