June 25, 2024

9 thoughts on “Our 2015 Journey 2

  1. after finding out the cost in angeles did you decide you didn’t miss some things as much as you thought.

    1. Not really. I still got the things that I am missing down here. I just treated it like a nice little vacation. It seems that usually on vacations you end up spending more anyway.

  2. Angeles is by far has the most expensive trike rides, probably in the entire Philippines. Anywhere else in the world this would be considered “collusion” and possibly a Restraint of Trade issue and would be illegal. The blame can only go to visiting foreigners who throw their money around because they think it is a good deal, and to local government who should recognize the problem. Then again, officials are probably being paid well! For those expats that live here, we pay the penalty!

    1. Yeah, the local government won’t say anything. I’m sure that they are getting their cut too. It’s sad really. The Philippines could be a much better place if it didn’t have so much corruption. Of course I guess you can say the same thing about the US.

  3. Things have always been more Expensive in Subic or Angles. Even in 60 and 70. I never bought fuel off of Base even though you didn’t know what you was getting. Paid 16 Cents a gallon for Premium but had to carry fuel filter in car when other got Clogged. Beer was 4 Pesos in Bar but if you sent Local to store and buy for you was only 50 centavos. This was when Exchange Rate was 4 to 1. Back then you could hire Jeepney Driver for 100 Pesos to take you anywhere you wanted all day. You could rent a 2 Bedroom apartment which had to be approved by the Military with Guard at night for 380 Pesos. I miss the Good Old Days. HA! HA!

    1. You know after I went outside and had a smoke and got a Beer. I Realized that there was never any Tricycles running around town back in the Good OLD days. If you lived off of Main Street where Jeepney Ran. You either paid him a few Pesos to drop you in front of your house or you walked to where you was going. There was no such thing as Boundaries back then. They could take you where ever you wanted.

  4. looking foward to the continuation of your trip. but i’m beginning to wonder if it would have been cheaper for you just to catch a cebu pacific flight to hong kong for a day.
    100 peso trike in ac. no suprise ripping off the visitors there. but then again half the problem there is caused by foreigners they go there and throw money around like water so they think all foreigners are rich…..

    1. Yes Roger that is the truth. Even my wife likes to give them extra money for “breakfast”. I tell her that they already charge too much, but she’s stubborn and a Filipina. As for flying to Hong Kong, well it could turn out to be less expensive, maybe not. We decided on the trip this way instead because we wanted to hang around Angeles for a few days and get a taste of the things we have been missing living here, like a mall, more restaurant choices and a decent sandwich. Figured while at Angeles we’d shoot for the Space A. It worked out well this time.

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