May 25, 2024

2 thoughts on “New Blog Content 3 Fold

  1. You were right about how soon we would get to see it, John. Of course, that could be because I just didn’t get around to looking for you or going to your blogsite. In any event, it was good to see your post.Where would you like us to post information about our experiences in Calbayog and about our own parts of the Philippines?
    I might be able to post some pics and vids from around our area. (Pulilan-Baliwag-Plaridel)

    1. You can just send it to my e-mail:
      If it’s not too much trouble could you separate the Calbayog part from the rest.
      As for pictures, if you want, you can just put them on your Facebook, let me know which ones and I can take them from there, if that’s easier for you.
      Or you can also send the ones you want to my e-mail, whichever is good for you.

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