July 19, 2024

5 thoughts on “2014 – The Last 10 Days

  1. Surely was happy to get your e-mail about the Captcha thing and that I wasn’t the only one to experience it. I would have really felt stupid if I was the only one and it turned out to be something simple.

    And, since you are into (maybe just a little into on-line games, how about trying some of those in our lineup. Not a lot of choices yet,but we have been promised more soon.

    1. I’ll go check it out to see, but I’m a bit picky on the type of games I play. Your link with your message does not get me to the site though. Says it’s not available. I can get there another way though.

    2. One thing that I did noticed on your site that I liked was when people sign up, the flag for their country shows up on the screen. Where did you get that at?

      1. Hi John, Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I don’t make excuses, just apologies when I do something wrong.
        The company provides it for us. They have recently made some really good changes to help us out.
        Considering the Home office is Little ole’ Lincoln, Ne., They have really grown in the last 16 years. They started with only 1 product distributed in the U.S. only and now have over 90,000 products sold in nearly every country in the world.
        Surely enjoy reading your posts and could I drop a banner or text ad onto your site occasionally?

        1. If you have an ad to put on there that I could make money with, you can put one on there permanently. I’ve got a good space waiting on a money making ad.

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