May 23, 2024

11 thoughts on “Mondejares Puertes Resort and Seaside Lodge

  1. It’s not out of the way for us Calbayog northsiders! 😀 Heck, It’s about a 3 minute bicycle ride from our house in Tomaliques. We rented a couple rooms when we celebrated Lols’s B-day last April and they were nice and clean. The A/C in our room was a little overworked though (wasn’t that efficient). The one thing you forgot John was the admission costs to the beach and the pool. I will try to put up a page on my site ( ) with photos from the beach and resort.

    1. That’s right, I forgot about that because the information was not on the little flier they gave me. I’ve been there twice and didn’t have to pay an entrance fee either time is another reason I didn’t think about it. The first time was because I was just there to take pictures, so they let me in and the second time any fees were being paid by Mar I guess because they didn’t ask anyone I was riding with.
      So that means you were here last April and didn’t come by to see me? Or did you and I forgot? I do that, but I don’t think so in this case.

        1. Damn it. I don’t remember. Lita said she does. I showed her the one picture I have of you and Teri (in front of a Christmas tree) and she confirms it was y’all. Now Juvic is ribbing me about buying some Memory Plus or something. I remember things and usually places alright, but people I have a problem with for some reason. I know it sounds bad, but I don’t mean for it to be. I like it when y’all come by to visit even though I don’t always remember when y’all do evidently. It must have been an alright visit because if it would have been a bad one, I would have remembered, probably.
          Next time hit me in the head or something and I most likely will remember that. If you would hurry up and sell that house and get here I’d be able to see you more often and then there would be no way that I would forget you.
          Now I’m feeling bad again.

          1. Kicking me in the shins would have done the trick I’m sure. You can do that next time, but it probably won’t be necessary anymore. Just in case though, go for it.
            Those pictures of the resort are only about 1/2 of the ones I have. The better 1/2 I think, but I wasn’t drinking beer that day. If I was I’m sure I also would have less pictures of the resort and more of the ladies walking around there.

    1. It does look alright. It’s a bit out of the way, further out than Marju Krisel, but not as far as Malajog Beach. I haven’t seen the inside of any of the rooms yet but I like the patio were the restaurant is. It’s nice and big.

    2. It is a nice place. We thoroughly enjoyed our day there. They have two pools; one adult pool with two water slides(that had no water in them when we were there) and a kiddy pool where my 4 year old spent his time. The pictures don’t show the beach area but it was large and clean. You could walk out a long ways without the water getting too deep. We rented a nipa hut between the pools and the ocean which had a small bbq area where we cooked. I would go back there in a heartbeat.
      They were also doing some construction near the kiddy pool. I think they might be adding in more cottages but I am not sure.

      1. I didn’t show the beach area in the pictures because when I was there the tide was low and it exposed a long stretch of no water. I didn’t think that would give the place justice.
        The construction is still going on and to me it also looks like more cottages.

        1. UJ, as it turns out, you have more pics of the resort than I do. Most of mine are around the beach area. I did post a couple of those in my most recent blog post. I guess I should have drank less beer and took more pictures. 😀

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