July 19, 2024

4 thoughts on “Slow Riding Chicken Purchaser

  1. Dude, you need ans Ass Whopping? Talking about never returning here LOL, you been gone so long you forgot what life is like to to back in USA? It’s not all diners,delis,and BBQ!

    1. Yes Rick I know it’s not all food, but I think about it a lot until I train myself not to.
      No ass whooping today please.
      I’ll be happy with a vacation there, I’ll have to be.

  2. Firstly, about the grilled cheese(GC). If you start feeding them with GC, you might as well get ’em hooked on crack because once addicted to properly prepared GC sandwiches, they will graduate to other American delicacies, and then you will not be able to give them enough, especially the young ones. Everyone knows that GC is a gateway food which leads to other foods.
    Second, about coming to Texas and not returning to PI. Stay focused man!!! In addition to food consumption training, you will need training in working for a living, stress, taxes, more working, more taxes, insurance, transportation costs, gas prices, more insurance, more stress…etc. Just try getting hired on into a good job at your age…almost impossible. I know there are many more reasons that expats become “expats”! If you could only watch the news here for 1 week, you would know why you are there.

    I’m actually worried that when I visit in April, I will not want to come back to MS. But I must…to liquidate.

    1. Let them get hooked. Maybe they will graduate to vegetables, especially the children. They don’t get near enough vitamins here.
      A lot of kids have rotting teeth.
      Yes I know. I can’t move back unless I hit the lottery, and maybe not even then.

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