July 19, 2024

5 thoughts on “Music for Flying Pigs

  1. Hi John,
    I’ve stayed in that Marriott you’ve got pictured here a few times; twice with my wife and once with my sister. Really a five star hotel and priced as such: P10,000 to P12,000 a night! Good thing I’m a Marriott Rewards customer, lol. The CR has a glass window between the bedroom and the elaborate shower, with an electronic curtain between the two. So if you want to you can watch your wife or whoever happens to be around take a shower or bath. There’s a clawfoot old fashioned but beautiful tub in the middle of the shower room. The shower room is all marble and about 12′ square with all kinds of options for the shower head, even a gentle rain falling from above. My wife and I just stared in amazement for a few minutes. Didn’t watch anybody take any showers, lol. Makes you wonder what kind of a mind designed the place.

    1. Maybe if I was a millionaire I’d stay there, or had Marriott Rewards (how do u get those, by staying at a Marriott?).
      They should have showers like that in the ‘by the hour’ hotels. Maybe they’d get people to stay an extra hour or two.

      1. You feel like a millionaire when you’re there I’ll tell you! The company I work for uses Marriott and their less expensive alternatives like Courtyard, etc. regularly and so we all have the Marriott Rewards membership. You can join online. They offer some package deals and free nights after so many stays. Yeah those showers were a hoot.

        1. Oh, well that’s good. The company pays for the hotel and you get the rewards. Outstanding.
          I guess a lot of the bigger hotels have things like that, but I should check into some of them, before I check in to the hotels. Check? Check.

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