July 19, 2024

13 thoughts on “Strange Blog for Restaurant Fitness

  1. John, to convert word to PDF, you will need the advanced version of Adobe Acrobat. Acrobat viewer can be downloaded for free, but you need the other version actually convert a word document. Am sure someone has that version on their PC.

    Not to be a negative outlook on your bakery, but have you gone thru the numbers? I am an accountant so always ask, how much can you sell one piece of pandasal? 20p? How many can you bake and sell in 1 day? Maybe you can visit a bakery in the morning and just watch how many they sell. Say 100 pieces. So how much does the equipment and construction cost? I am assuming your selling your truck to pay for the cost, so how many pieces of bread would you need to cover the cost of your truck. Most restaurants run in the red for the first 6 months, do they have enough cash to cover until they grow the business?

    Just make sure you ask all the questions. If not, could have more clutter taking up your space and making it more difficult to live there.

    Anyway, just my 2 centavos.

  2. I haven’t had any problems wandering around Samar but again to I always have someone with me who knows the area. When my wife bought back the coca nut farm which was her grand mothers we trekked through the jungle all day to get there and back and no one bothered us.
    We have a house about 20 min north of Calbayog and I go wandering around at night and no one has bothered me. But again everyone there knows me and most are family or friends.
    I have traveled all around Samar from West to East North to South and had no problem. Some times we take the buse from Calbayog to Manila and back. Sometimes we drive are car. Its just according to what mood the wife is in when we travel.

    1. Thanks George, that’s some relief to know that things are relatively safer than my wife thinks. Are you from near Tomaligues?

        1. Ahh, in my neck of the woods so to speak. The turn off (left)to Tomaliques is right among the first group of houses north of the bridge. Maybe someday we will bump into each other.

          1. I know where that area is now we got stuck there with a jeepney like the one’s they run from Calbayog to Allen. Had to back all the way out because was to big to turn around. My wife have friends there that we was looking for but never found.

    2. I’ve never had a problem either, I was just passing on what others have told me. I don’t go trekking out in the boonies though.

  3. Thanks for the info. I guess I could stay close with the bike rides. That will probably be my best source of exercise, next to chasing the wife around. Would have known they would have to put the new market farther away from us. That could be a good thing though!

  4. UJ…what does RFM stand for? What I take from your post is that it is may not be safe to take walks on the beaches or maybe ride a bike into rural areas? If that’s the case, I may need a disguise!

    1. RFM – Rawis Fair Market. In the barangay of Rawis and like an outlet stores type thing. They tore down the old one to make room for the incoming Robinson Mall, but they are building another one right off the highway, a bit closer to where I live, then it was before.
      Oh every place is not risky to go, but I don’t know the good and bad spots. I wouldn’t go out to rural areas by myself, but I know people who say they have without a problem.
      If you are at a respectable resort area, it’s not something that would concern me.
      Mall walking is always an option too.

      1. If I can add my two cents worth I’ve never had a problem wandering around but most of my adventures are on Santo Nino island. There everyone seems to know my wife and her family and lots of folks are distant relatives. Usually I’m supervised to make sure I stay out of trouble, lol. The only place that the wife asked me to keep away from was a market in Baclaran (Manila) where there was some concern that I would be a target of pickpockets or kidnappers. Currently I live in an urban area in the US and I feel safer in the Philippines than I do in some neighborhoods here.

        1. Mark.
          I’m glad u got through. Having issues with the site right now. My 14 and 15 Feb posts have vanished.
          I usually just got downtown. I can go to the market by myself. I don’t carry a wallet.

          1. I’m hoping to recover those 2 posts that are lost later today. I think they ended up on the old server instead of the new one because I published them while the change over was in progress.
            I should be an easy fix when/if I get the information I need.
            Thanks y’all for being patient. Some good news though is that I have a fresh view about the website now and I will be continuing as normal and may even be improving things without messing it up too bad. There probably will be a theme change soon, but it will be one with style, I hope. I just have to find the right one.

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