July 19, 2024

4 thoughts on “Mango, Computer & Water Tanks

  1. Yeah, I always enjoy the “slice of life” posts. I’m old, so I still read and enjoy. About how many expats normally come to your Mangos Expat Day meeting. I’m really out of touch with other expats here. My expat best friend gave up on the Philippines and moved back to the states. I miss him but he’s heavily involved in politics, so I can’t stay in touch without causing hard feelings. Another expat friend who lives not far away became an absolute political zealot during COVID and the last election, so he’s out of touch also. I’ve been around for 19 US presidential elections now and I am absolutely amazed at the hatred and foul language and even violence connected with the last one. The end of civil discourse and the freedom to be me and the other guy to be “him” without snarling and clenched fists pounding the table. Anyway, enjoy that burger and the new, faster ‘puter and write more when the spirit moves you.

    1. During COVID only about 4 or 5 expats show up. It was twice that number before. We’ve had a few guys give up and move back to the US. Definitely the PI is not for everyone. I do my best to stay out of any political and religious conversations. There are too many different opinions on both those subjects and everyone is always trying to convert everyone else instead of just letting them believe what they want to believe.
      I like it here in the PI. I want to visit my parents but this COVID makes it harder than necessary. I love Texas and being a Texan but most likely I will be spending most of my remaining life here in the PI.

    1. Thanks for being a reader and for commenting Dennis. I will certainly try to provide more posts more often. I hope to do 2 per week (8 per month) but in reality it may turn out to be more like 5 or 6 per month. I could surprise myself though and actually do as I say this time. I hope I do. If I knew I had a lot of readers then that would probably inspire me to do more posts. I’ll have to figure out how to see exactly how many readers I have. More commenting like yours would be nice also. I do enjoy responding to legit comments.

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