July 20, 2024

4 thoughts on “Locked Out Of Facebook

  1. I was beginning to wonder what happen to you John. I thought maybe your infection got worst and you ended up in hospital as prisoner until you paid your bill. Ever since my Computer took a crap and it would not boot up I decided to trash it and upgrade to a new one I also have not been able to get back on my Facebook page since upgrading the Computer. I have even had my kids and grand kids who are more Tech savvy then me to try and access my FB page but with no luck.

    1. So what’s up with Facebook? Next week, when I have the extra money, I’m going to break down and call them and pay their $20-$45 to figure out what the problem is. I’ve had more tech-savvy people trying to help me also. Me not being able to even start a new account is what has them, and me, baffled the most. I’ll let you know my results from Facebook unless you call them first and you let me know.
      FYI. The part of my leg that was infected is now completely healed.

  2. john this is your cousin Dan when I get this bill payed off i’ll send you $50.00 to talk to the expert . you will have to tell me the fastest way to get the card to you meaning ups fedex western union ?

    1. Thank you Dan but I’m hoping there is no need for that. I’m still confident that FB will see the error of their ways and reinstate me. Plus I’ll have the money next month as my social security kicks in. You just worry about your wife, your life and saving enough money to get yourself and the wife over here to visit us.

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