July 21, 2024

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Trike, Hello Headphones

  1. Glad you sold the trike hope you got a good price for it. The system that you pay the person that found you a buyer is a little different. But on the other hand this worked out for my wife sister who made a pretty good cut on the sell of a house and lot that she found a buyer for.
    Hope your new headphones give you some quite time.buy the way how did that lottery ticket work out?

    1. My wife got the price for the trike that she wanted, so I suppose that was a good price. That is a weird system, it reminds me of the government buying things and contracting that out only to have several sub-contractors, making the price for the item go up. Yeah, kind of reverse from us, but that’s what I think of when that happens.
      The headphones are working out great. When I’ve got my music on or watching a show on the computer, I’m pretty much unaware of anything going on around me, except sometimes out the window I have to look out. Lita keeps sneaking up on me. She thinks it’s funny to scare me. Maybe it is.
      I only matched 2 numbers on those lotto tickets. I had 4 sets of numbers and matched 2 on 3 sets of them. Only 1 on the last set. Maybe next time.

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