June 25, 2024

4 thoughts on “San Antonio Island

  1. Glad your getting out. Sounds like you’re family enjoyed there time on the beach. While you took naps…you should have went out and explored the island and other resorts so you could have compared them. Probally randy is right should have just went to the resort close to home spent the day and go back to the house.

    1. I should have thought of comparing the resorts. I didn’t. Most likely they were not that much different. I’m kind of glad we did go out there though, because now I know it still is not that great. It’s something I got done and won’t have to do it again. I can move on to maybe doing something else now. One of the many things I’m always saying I’m going to do.

  2. Where are the beach pics? Many places in the Philippines that call themselves resorts are, well… “exaggerating” is a good word. I bet next time you’ll head over to Malajog Beach!

    1. The beach wasn’t much of a beach, full of rocks and shells. Yes, next time it most likely will be Malajog Beach.

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