July 19, 2024

4 thoughts on “Very Tired, Resting

  1. Hi John.

    I thought that I would give you a heads up about something that I recently tried that you might also like. German Hotdogs by Pure Foods. Pure Foods is connected to Hormel. I bought these in KCC supermarket. They have no nasty chicken paste or vegetable protien and are pretty decent, I am somewhat of a hot dog snob. Even in the US I would rarely eat anything but a Nathans all beef hot dog. Just the smell of the chicken hot dogs here will make me gag. Giasano seems to have the best imported section of all the supermarkets. I was in heaven the time I found a jar of jalepenos and some refried beans there. Well at least until the following day. Haha. I think that I enjoy the challenge of cooking my favorite foods with the available ingredients. You never know how they will turn out! Take Care.

    1. Howdy again Tom.

      Dave told me about some German sausage also. I wonder if they are also Pure Food? I don’t know what a KCC supermarket is and we don’t have a Gaisano around here yet.
      Since you are a picky hot dog eater, they are worth a try. I just saw a lot of Pure Food hot dogs yesterday at Robinson Mall, but I wasn’t look for any particular thing. I will next trip though, for sure. You found a jar of jalapenos? Lucky you. I didn’t see any at Robinson Mall yesterday and I looked up and down every aisle. We sent some cans of them over here, but I’ve already eaten all those. Besides the ones in the can are not as good as the ones in the jar or the fresh ones. They are cheaper and easier to ship from Texas though. We tried growing some here, but it’s not working. I guess jalapeno’s like hot, dry weather to grow, not warm, humid weather. Lita can make refried beans, but pinto and/or kidney beans are not so plentiful around here either.
      Someday everything will come together. I hope that someday is not too far away.

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