Pinpointing Wayne on Google Earth

[smartads] As promised we had the brownout this morning at 0600.  This one is suppose to last until 1000 and then there is another one tomorrow that is suppose to last 12 hours 0600 to 6:00pm.    All this outage for the normal “line maintenance” excuse.  I surmise that either it’s just an excuse or they need to upgrade to stuff that will not keep falling apart.  Thanks to Rick Smith I now know where to look on the Internet for those ‘scheduled’ outages.  Of course I’d have to check the site everyday to be sure I don’t miss something that comes up at the last minute.

The City of Makati (pronounced mə-kah-tee), in the Philippines, is one of the 17 cities that make up Metro Manila, one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world. Makati is the financial center of the Philippines and one of the major financial, commercial and economic hubs in Asia. As the host of various embassies, it is also an important center for international affairs

With a population of 510,383, Makati is the 16th largest city in the country and ranked as the 44th most densely populated city in the world with 18,654 inhabitants per km.

Makati map

Makati was founded by Spaniard Miguel López de Legazpi, who dismissed Makati as a worthless swamp. According to folklore, Legazpi asked for the name of the place but, because of the language barrier, was misinterpreted by the natives. Pointing to the receding tide of Pasig River, the natives answered, “Makati, kumakati na,” literally meaning ebbing tide.

Actually there are several sites that I should be reading everyday for various reasons.  I think I’m going to make a “Daily Read” folder for my desktop and get into the habit of checking that everyday.  After the power comes back on (if I’m typing this then it must be on).

I got tired of drinking soda (probably a temporary thing) and I made some Tang last night.  I made it in a large pitcher and then I poured it into some of those empty 350ml water bottles that we have around here.  We got close to 50 of them just sitting around so I might as well put them to use.  After all that’s why we save them, in case we need them for something.

Makati City Hall

I’m sitting out in LolyKat now, it’s about 0730 and I already have to use that portable fan.  It’s going to be a long 4 hours (if it only takes 4 hours).  I am having one of those Tangs, a cup of java and some Sky Flakes with peanut butter for breakfast.  I thought I was going to eat 9 crackers, but it ended up being only 6.

Ramil just left about 10 minutes ago with his 2 oldest children (Raven & Joshua).  Now Robbie is out there with the 2 youngest (Reverof & Fay).  I guess Fay feels like going to school today.  She goes to kindergarten and with her attendance, it must be optional to attend.

We have had at least 5, maybe 6 people eat here this morning and all of them got the pancit.  One guy did get the green beans to go.  I hope they made extra pancit today.

I went back into the house at a little past 0800.  I thought I wanted to sleep, but I didn’t.  By 0900 I was back in LolyKat with my pillow (for my back) and a book to maybe read.  I chose “Rainbow Six” by Tom Clancy.  I like the games so maybe I’ll like the book too.  I don’t know if I will read it though because mostly I just read books by Robert Ludlum and I don’t even like all of those.  Plus I do read all the Bourne series, even though the last 4 were written by Eric Von Lustbader.  I would be reading one of those again, but the only 3 I have here I have just recently reread.  I have at least 3 more of them, but they are in storage back in Texas with my telephones because we sent the wrong box over here.  I’ll send it when we go back to visit in May, along with several other boxes.


This is about the time Wayne showed up, but I did a separate post on that so I won’t go into any detail here.

The electric came back on, right on schedule … NOT!  It was suppose to be on at 10:00 and it didn’t come on until 11:32.

At 11:45, right after Wayne left, it started raining.  It’s raining pretty hard too.  Lita is not home yet, but she’s probably on the way and stuck in the rain.  I hope she doesn’t get too wet.

Our plan for today is to have chicken tacos.  I brought the subject up last night and I guess Lita liked the idea, so she’s buying the stuff we need today.

That book, “Rainbow Six” is pretty good so far and I’ve only read the prologue.  If the rest of the book is as good as that was, then it will be a good book.

Lita showed up about 11:55 and it was still pouring down rain.  About 5 minutes after that though, it started slowing down and eventually stopped.  She bought a new flavor of Super Stix.  It is called “Sweet Cheese”.  I’ve already sampled it and it’s good.  It’s not as good as the Pandan though.

Philippines Mardi Gras Makati Caracol Festival

Lita is in there cooking the chicken for the tacos and wanted to know if I wanted to make a sandwich with some of the cooked chicken before she pulled it apart for the tacos.  Sure I said, so I had a couple of those sandwiches and tried out the BBQ sauce that Wayne brought me.

Alright, the chicken tacos are ready already.  Excuse me for a little bit.

Okay I’m done eating now *burp*.  I might have overdone it a little bit, but I do that.  So far it’s turned out okay as long as I don’t splurge on a regular basis.  I think that once a week is a good splurging number.  I had at least 7 tacos, but it was hard to tell.  I did have 5 whole tacos, but the rest were pieces of broken shell along with the lettuce, tomatoes and onions.  (No cheese).

At 2:15pm I got up to go inside to stay awhile.  I wanted to go to the computer, but I thought it best if I slept instead.  So I slept for about 2 1/2 hours.

It’s 5:15pm now and believe it or not, I wish I had a couple more of those tacos.  I’ll just drink something to make that feeling go away.  I don’t need to be eating anything else for today.

Makati nightlife & Hotels

Neneng found the adapter for Titing’s cell phone so I hope to put some country songs on his memory card for him tonight.  It said he likes the country songs with a fast beat and songs from people like John Denver.  He calls them folk songs, so I can work with that.  I think most of the songs are gone off my computer when I reformatted the C drive.  I didn’t bother saving them because I was in a hurry to get the computer back up.  I can always get more songs, but I miss Limewire.  There still may be some songs left on my D drive, I’ll have to check on that.  I’ve got blog stuff to do and that takes priority.

As if things have not been so wonderful enough recently, now I’ve got a runny nose.  I’ll stay warm tonight and see what I feel like in the morning.  Maybe it will go away.

I’m going to put the Quiz stuff on hold because I’m not sure how many people actually care about it.  If you would like for me to continue, please let me know.  Otherwise I’ll find something else that might interest most of y’all.

I need to find of how to do that suggestion of pinpointing the Calbayog hotels and restaurants on Google Earth.

Makati city map (printable)

Salamat, Paalam

Answers to 19 Jan Quiz in Green.

Filipino: Tagbilaran City is a 2nd class component city in the island province of Bohol, Philippines and serves as its capital. Tagbilaran lies on the southwestern part of the province, and has a total land area of 32.7 km, with about 13 km of coastline. The city is on the south of Cortes, southwest of Corella west of the town of Baclayon and is about 630 km southeast of Manila and 72 km south of Cebu City.

It is the principal gateway to Bohol and is known as the “City of Friendship”. Tagbilaran is considered by the Institute for Solidarity in Asia as one of the eight Philippine Dream Cities, along with Samal, San Fernando, La Union, Cebu City, Iloilo City, Marikina, Naga, Calbayog City and Surigao City. It was also recognized as one of the 20 “Most Competitive Cities in the Philippines” and “Pinoy Cities on the Rise” in 2005 and 2007, and first in the Quality of Life Category for the same two years, awarded by the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Policy Center.

Texas:  A woman was executed.  Karla Faye Tucker was born on Wednesday, November 18, 1959 in Houston and she was a famous criminal from United States of Born-Again Christian religion.

Life in Brief:

– Being born on Nov 18, Karla Faye was a Scorpio.
– her ethnicity: White.
– her mother’s name: Carolyn.
– her father’s name: Lawrence Tucker.
– Sisters : Kari Ann, Kathi Lynne.

Karla Faye dated Stephen Griffith (husband) and amongst other amorous encounters was Dana Lane Brown (husband).

She died on Tuesday, February 03, 1998, in Huntsville State Prison; cause of death: execution.

Famous Why : First woman executed in Texas since 1863.

Useless Knowledge:   Sharks can be dangerous even before they are born. One scientist was bitten by a Sand Tiger shark embryo while he was examining its pregnant mother.