May 23, 2024

10 thoughts on “Walking to and Shopping in Calbayog City

  1. The folks at SO do a very nice job with birthday cakes as well. I really like the place and the food is pretty goodat reasonable prices.

      1. Okay y’all I’m going to bed now. The keyboard is jumping up and hitting me in the face again. Y’all keep commenting, I’ll get it in a few hours.

  2. We do most of our grocery shopping at the SM Hypermarket at SM Clark so I look forward to having one in Calbayog. I would guess that the new Robinson’s mall will also have their supermarket so there will be a choice of two markets with AirCon. That will be wonderful.

    When I eat at SO Cafe, I always have the tacos which are pretty good. That is not enough food so I usually also have one of the pasta dishes. They also have pastry and we have taken home cakes and cookies from there. If you do a review for your restaurant section, I will add my two centavos worth also.

    1. I will definitely be doing a review of the restaurant. Which reminds me, I need to add Bo’s Coffee and Isla Cafe to that list too.
      Supermarkets with a/c and decent stuff for me to buy. It’s going to be hard to wait.
      I probably won’t eat much there, but I will try the coffee (extra strong) and maybe ‘a’ pastry.

  3. John,
    I did not know there is going to be a HyperMarket in Calbayog. I believe they are owned by SM since the one in the SM Clark mall is signed as SM HyperMarket. Where will this be built?
    I like Bo’s Coffee. They have free wifi and decent food. I spent several hours in there one day staying out of the rain. My favorite cookie is oatmeal raisin too but I did not notice that on the menu when I was there. Bo’s Coffee is just down the street from SO Cafe which is my favorite place to eat and relax. Bo’s Coffee has more comfortable seating but I like the food at SO Cafe more.

    1. Last I heard the HyperMarket is going to be where the wet market is now. Those people are suppose to move out, but are complaining about the high price for a stall at the new market, so they are all running on Filipino time. Yes it is SM HyperMarket. It will be so welcomed here and that stupid JustMar should be history shortly thereafter.
      The Bo’s Coffee here really only had pastry to eat, except for a tuna turnover (no thanks). Yeah those cookies were good, but P40 each is a bit high.
      Yes not too far from SO Cafe. In fact, Rick and I will be going to SO Cafe this Monday. I have not been inside there, but have heard nothing but good things about it.

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