February 24, 2024

10 thoughts on “Tripping Children with Chicken and Beer

  1. UJ, how may I join the site or contact you? I tried to join the site, no luck. Retired USAF here, from Texas, married 25 years to a Filipina. Researching moving to the Philippines.

    1. Howdy Ron. Well you can always contact me through these comments, but if you want to contact me outside the blog, my new blog e-mail is: johnwjr7@texaninthephilippines.com.
      That’s a new e-mail and I’m trying to get use to checking it everyday, but I do check this everyday.
      As for joining, well I turned the register thing off because I was getting too many spammer and it was hard to keep up. I wasn’t stopping them all. I think it doesn’t really matter how many people register, but if we have a nice community of people talking with each other here, then that works fine. Next month this whole website is going to look completely different anyway and I will be learning new things along with y’all.
      I can help you with a lot of things and what I don’t know, I can ask about or refer you to some other retired Americans here. Not all of them are lucky enough to be from Texas, but they are alright anyway.
      If you ask the questions here, not only would you get a response from me, but there are plenty of others here that would probably know a lot about the subject too and you could get different viewpoints to make a more educated decision. Up to you, if you want to do it private, I can do that too.
      I’m just happy to help out where I can.

  2. I was joking John. But it is a fact that the pharma’s have their hands in many, many pockets these days. They could be considered as the ones at the root of America’s demise.

      1. Unless you climatize you house, there is no such thing a a frost free freezer that would work with humidity levels always over 80%.

        1. Randy, you’re not joking this time are you. I didn’t know that either, but Science has always been my worst subject. Maybe that’s why you don’t see too many of the frost free freezers here?
          That sucks. I mean I don’t have to defrost the freezer, but it gets to be a mess when they do that.

  3. Pertaining to your “Useless Knowledge” info. In America, electricity is no longer used to put people to death. The pharmaceutical companies have made sure of that!

    1. I didn’t know that Randy. I haven’t concerned myself with the death penalty much. I just know I don’t want to be the one on the receiving end.

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