July 21, 2024

13 thoughts on “Cousins Mango & COVID

  1. It all made sense to me, i mean what the hell two old G.I’s can make sense out of anything hahaha. I did mean to ask ya about banking there. Do you get your retired DOD pay direct deposit there ? Or in a bank state side? I coulnd’t find a bank there DFAS would deposit to or missed something ..

    1. Mine goes to Bank of America. You can get it sent straight here but I don’t trust it. I understand that Metro Bank here has a branch in New York and you can get that routing number to send your money to and it will be available here in the Philippines also at Metro Bank. A couple of guys tell me that’s what they do so it must be true. You must use the US routing number to accomplish that though.

      1. Thanks, as i just assumed most used state side banks like you and transferred their $. New York !! Holy crap!! I was there once and almost had a heart attack trying to get the hell outta there back to wide open texas or oklahoma hahaha.What little banking i did there was through BDO when we went on our visits but never set up anything long term.

    2. Hey John D last I heard DFAS or the Treasury will not do direct deposits to foreign banks unless they have a branch in US.PNB has bank in LA CA. which you can probable open an account with and with drawl your money at any PNB Bank in the Philippines. The wife even took out loan from PNB to buy a vehicle in the country until we got back to US send money to pay it off.

      1. George,
        Thanks for info, was pretty sure that was the case but hand’t checked in a few years. As for buying car there, Not sure I’d want to drive over there anymore at my age, unless maybe i’m driving a hummer or old school steel jeepney haha.

        1. I could buy a car but it’s not worth the trouble for me. There is so much transportation here that it’s really unnecessary to burden yourself with that. It would be nice to have to be able to come and go on the spot, but if you are not in a hurry, it’s not necessary.

      2. That could be true but I wouldn’t bet on it. I do know that Metro Bank here has a branch in NY and you can do direct deposit through them because a couple of guys here do that.

        1. Hey UJ,
          Came on today to see if you had written anything new. Alas i see your still in the lazy mode..hahaha. We’re trying to head over there in December for xmas & new years, but with the 10 day quarantine in effect we’ve put off our travel to there. Hopefully the quarantine will be lifted or done away with and i’ll be buying our ticketcs asap.

          1. Yeah, still in the lazy mode. I’m mostly at home doing nothing anyway. I really need to get out more.

  2. UJ,
    Hot dawg your still kicking !! I follow you (when i have time) also, being fully retired now naps take up a lot of my free time haha. Just like your cousin Dan, we’re hoping the covid goes away soon as were planning our trip there as soon as the 2 week lock up is no more. This time we’ll be staying a few months as we don’t have to back for jobs anymore. Well he aswa is calling for dinner, fish as usual haha. Stay safe partner !!

    1. Yep! Still kicking but still pretty lazy. I need more activities to move around. That would probably also give me more to write about. My cousin (Dan) is sending me a metal detector so I plan to be out on the beaches with that. He wants to detect also when he gets here. His detector is more powerful so he may be able to go over some of the beach I already have. It’s not much exercise but at least it’s some. Those naps do tend to take up some time during the day. I’m usually out 1-4 hours because sometimes I take 2 naps per day. I’m hoping to head to Texas in September for a month but that’s not for sure yet. I don’t want to have to deal with COVID at all. If the quarantines are lifted then most likely I’ll be going.
      I’ll be glad when you get here. I’ll let you buy me a beer at Mango and then I guess I’ll buy you one also. See ya when you get here, hopefully soon.

      1. UJ,

        My sister lives in Austin and the other one close to Saledo and they informed me that Texas is pretty much back to normal in regards to covid. Most if not all business’s are back open and running at full speed again. As for here in oklahoma it’s the same, full speed ahead for businesses except those that totally went out of business, and that was mostly small mom& pop type of facilities. I did some metal detecting when i was stationed there at Subic, found tons of WW2 old ammo shells and few buttons from uniforms and an occasinal peso or two but never found Yamashita’s gold..haha

        1. If things go back to normal here in the PI then my cousin and maybe my son will visit.
          I’ve never been metal detecting but I’ve always wanted to so I’m looking forward to it. I don’t expect to find anything super valuable but if I do it’s okay with me. I plan to hit a lot of beaches around here. I hope all this makes sense, I’ve been doing some drinking tonight. I’m not drunk but slightly impaired. Plus I don’t have my glasses on.

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