July 20, 2024

4 thoughts on “Buying Drugs and Getting Some Balls

  1. Sorry I did not stop by. My PAL flight was delayed 5 hours (go figure).

    When I FINALLY arrived in Calbayog airport. I heard my niece yell out Uncle John. I saw her and her Mom. I asked where my wife was.

    I heard at the ER.
    I said for what?

    I heard she’s going crazy.


    I go back in the building for my bags which seemed took as long as the flight.

    We get to our trike driver we use when in town.

    I tell him his front tire is low on air. He didn’t hear me with the trike running. Another trike driver told him and he got on the highway for a short distance and pulled over to check. I told him to stop and get air. But he kept going till we arrived at the Casa Apostle hotel.

    We get to the room and sister in law says if I want yo take a shower. After 29 hours of traveling, I said yep.

    We head to the hospital, we walk in the ER and the nurses said my wife just left. I ask if OK and she said yes.

    We head back to hotel and my wife was just getting out of a trike.

    I ask how she is and said dhe had pneumonia.

    We get to the room, I tell her what her sister told me. That she was in the ER because she was going crazy. I guess being tired, extremely hot. She said getting a x-ray.

    We stayed in hotel till monday afternoon and headed to the island.

    We made only 2 trips to Calbayog in the 3 plus weeks there before final trip on huge pump boat.

    Our house is done with the main structure. Now working on the final touches of rough cement inside and out.

    Till we return in 6 or so months, no painting will be done. Once done, tiling will start.

    I was so disappointed that the Globe home Wi-Fi modem did not work from our location on the island. Works in tbe next barangay next to us.

    The new mall was impressive in the 40 minutes I walked through. Got my granddaughter a dress.

    Coming home, of course PAL was 5 hours delayed again and if I did not change our KoreanAirlines flight to the 11th we would have missed the flight on the 10th.

    No more PAL for us. Need to figure out a new way of getting to Calbayog from Manila. Maybe fly to Tacloban and spend a night with family, then take Grand Tours to Calbayog. Not sure if we want to have our boat travel that far to pick us up.

    See you maybe next trip. Enjoy your trip to Texas in September.

    1. I’m glad your wife is okay (and not crazy). I’m sorry that I didn’t get to see you on this trip, but hopefully next time. When we come back we have been taking the bus from Pasay. I don’t like it, but if you have extra baggage, it’s much cheaper than paying excess baggage fees on an airline. You can take Cebu Pacific from Manila to Cebu, then to Calbayog. Long way around, but no PAL and no bus. Any hoot, I hope to see you next trip and things are much easier for you next time around.

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