May 26, 2024

3 thoughts on “Bad Experiences in the Philippines

  1. Each and every one of these things can and probably have happened to many travelers over the years. First, one must remember that while here in the Philippines, you are surrounded by “desperation” and some folks will do whatever they can get away with to get by. However, there are just some people (foreigners) that have the words “Easy Target” stamped onto their forehead. These are the folks that attract cons. It happens everywhere and the more savvy and confident traveler you are (or appear to be), the less you will experience this. As far as meeting really rude people, this guy likely has never been to Korea!

    1. I hear the French are pretty rude too, especially towards Americans. I have never been there though.
      I guess I’m a bit more savvy than I thought because I don’t have a problem. Of course if I don’t like the price of something, I’ll walk away. I’ll look else where or just forget the whole thing.

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