July 20, 2024

8 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle Again … Oops!

  1. I have an L300 that is suppose to sit in car port and started once in a while when not there. People are always calling if they can rent it and I tell them no, because it is not licensed or insured for commerical use. I have even had church ask me to use it to haul kids around to differant events and I will not allow it because you are the first to be sued if someone gets hurt. The laws in P.I. are same as in USA about using veh to haul people around. The driver needs commerical lic also.

    1. That is even more reason to not rent it out. It’s more difficult than I expected when I wanted to do it before. I’ll be sure to check into that if I decide I want to rent it out later.

  2. Have you ever thought of renting it out.I can remember when they did not
    have van service there now they have two i think.You could be first one to start a rental service,i think wont be to long before that is started the way things are growing there.

    1. I have thought about renting it out, but it’s a lot of trouble. They have 4 or 5 van services here now anyway.

      1. The van service is for sure better than it used to be,but i would bet there are more people like me that would rather rent a car. when I am there,Twice i have rented cars in
        Angeles and driven to Samar and back,the guys i rent from have no problems and are doing quite well,the have insurance to cover everything.

        1. I don’t know Wayne. I can understand why you would like to have your own vehicle though, at least for the traveling in between Manila and Samar. For the longer trips I also would prefer to have my own vehicle. I’m still within the 5 year adjustment period and since we screwed up so much when we first arrived with some bad investments in a couple of businesses, then things are even more slowly developing. Heck I still can’t even drive a stick, so I’d have to have an automatic or get some practice in on that dreaded 1st gear. Anyway, I doubt we will ever rent the Nissan out, but I won’t say that is 100% never.

  3. John, when I was there last, I think I remember you had a SUV parked in your compound. Why couldn’t you use that as transportation? Did you sell it?

    1. We still have it, but we need to buy a battery for it and the tags and insurance are out of date. It’s really less expensive to just use the public transportation. Besides it a manual transmission and I never learned it. That 1st gear coordination is what gets me.

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