March 23, 2023

19 thoughts on “Calbayog Update Hodgepodge – Part 1

  1. Hello again, thanks for all the great comments. To be honest been just looking and checking out different area when ever i am there in the Philippines. thanks again.

  2. Hello again UJ! Im still here in Calbayog until 24 Jan when we are taking the Cokaliong ferry over to Cebu. I have to get my Exit Clearance at the BOI there having stayed here already over 6 months. It will be about 9 months total time I’ve been here this last year 2012 and into the New Year 2013.

    I can’t afford to travel to very many places except here and Cebu and Manila. Like you, ihave a pretty tight budget… my pension from Honeywell helps me with my expenses here and in the US, but it’s not anything much left over. My fiancé does hair in her home salon here….it’s been a family thing for many years….

    We picked up some spring rolls and some vegetable soup and rice and some sweet and sour pork at Marcial’s Grille this morning after attending Church at the New Life Mission Church here in Calbayog.

    I’ve got a Honda XRM 125 that gets us around….we’ve been to Tacloban, Catarman, San Antonio Island and up to Catarman. Usually ride around the local area enjoying the scenery and native people’s here. I have an American friend from NY that has a nice home and business with pepsi in Cagsalaso….(did I spell that right).

    Directions to our home in San Policarpo are simple……
    Take the highway out of Calbayog. Turn right at the Sanitariam Hospital. Follow that road Magsaysay past the 7th Day Adventist church on the right. Then take the first turn to the right San Roque St…we are in the big white two story house and our families are on every side of us.

    Anyway, it’s a pleasure to meet up with you on your blog and pages and maybe we can get together sometime…..

    Take care,

    1. Howdy Tom. So I guess that means you are not here in balikbayan status if you need to do that. We have not been to Cebu for awhile, but I hope to be going in the not too far future. I would like to take my time getting there, but I’m not so fond of riding on the ferry. At least the few that I have been on were not so great. Going by plane is okay, but you don’t get to see much. Maybe I can talk some of these people in traveling to Ormoc and getting on there, or maybe even taking Grand Tour to Ormoc. I don’t know. It’s nothing we have given a great thought to yet.
      Yeah I liked those spring rolls at Marcial’s Grille and I normally do not eat spring rolls at restaurants. I haven’t tried that vegetable soup or sweet and sour pork there yet, but it’s probably good.
      Lita has been thinking about us getting a motorcycle w/sidecar to travel places with, but we have to come up with the money somehow first. I have never had a motorcycle license, but it can’t be all that hard if we get an automatic one.
      I’m not much for going to church or getting out and seeing people, as you probably know from reading the blog, but I do hope to get together with many of the expats in the area sometime. When/If the restaurant gets going I know we will have the monthly expat meetings. I don’t know how many will show up, but the option will be there. If you read part 2 of my hodgepodge post, then you know that we have started moving in the direction and hope to keep it going until we get what we want.

      1. thanks Uj for the fast reply… I’ll read the part 2 of your hodgepodge post…. and get back here again later.

  3. Well hopefully, I should be there to join the growing Calbayog City expat crowd before too long. We have decided to lower the price of our house to get it sold quicker. The thing you mentioned about Globe not allowing the account in your name – why would that be? That make no sense to me but I’m not there and you are so maybe you can find out the answer. Thanks for visiting my site and commenting John. You have become a regular!

    1. It’s kind of strange that you mention this because I have a special note for you in the post that is coming out tomorrow. I have already finished it and it is scheduled. I even ‘borrowed’ a picture of yours from your Facebook page to put in there. In fact I borrowed a lot of pictures from a lot of y’alls Facebook pages. Might want to check that out tomorrow.
      Maybe my relatives are the ones that didn’t think it could be in my name. I mentioned it to Globe and the lady there didn’t see a problem. I’ll find out at the end of this month when I try to get it changed. I might even see about getting my internet upgrade at the same time.
      I know that some people like to live close to or in the big city and that’s fine, but I just can’t do it. I like to have some open space and only visit the city on occasion.

    1. Cavite is a nice area if you can afford it. Also if you don’t mind all the people, the traffic and the crime. It’s not for me, but I’m pretty sure there are plenty of expats living there. A lot more there than are here, that’s for sure.

      1. Ah come UJ, Cavite isn’t that bad :). I’ve been going there on and of for close to 40 years and never had a problem with crime. The traffic is another thing though in the area closest to Manila. Speaking for myself and my lovely asawa, we have found Cavite to be a great place as long you get farther away from Manila in places like Noveleta, Imus, Dasmarinas, Amadeo(coffee area), Tres Martes and even Cavite City is still a rather quiet and nice place to enjoy. I’ll be in all those places this coming May as well as Subic for a short visit and maybe run into an expat or two. To bad your not closer to that area, we could get together for a beer or 2 or 3 and have a good ole time. 🙂

        1. Well I can’t argue with you because I have not been to extensive visits in Cavite. I hope that Ben sees your comment and maybe takes it into account when he is deciding on a place to live there. I can say that it’s not for me though. Most likely you will run into some expats there, but I hope you are not driving at the time.
          Yeah we could be a couple of John’s on the town. I doubt very seriously if I’ll be in the area at that time though. Of course if you make it down this way, stop on by. I’ll even buy the first beer. Hopefully it will be right after the beginning of the month though, to be sure I have the money.

    2. Hi Ben. I’m curious as to how you are leaning towards Cavite City? I guess if you don’t mind the crowds and heavy traffic and you need to be close to Manila, it would be okay. I’m with UJ though, it wouldn’t be for me. I need a little slower paced place like Calbayog City.

    1. I worked with semi-conductors, helping to make computer chips, but they closed down the company where I worked. I got laid off in August 2008 and got tired of living off the US government and finally moved here in May 2010. It was about a year ahead of our schedule, plus we were unable to send money here to complete our house for almost that whole 1 1/2 years while I was laid off. My income was about 1/2 with unemployment compared to my job. So that’s 2 1/2 years that we should have been paying to build the house the way we wanted, but things just didn’t work out. It’s okay, I’m not so hard to please.
      So in your ‘looking’ phase do you have a particular place you want to move. Like maybe close to your wife’s relatives, or is that something you don’t want to do?

  4. being married to a filipina is a great experience, I have been thinking of moving there and investing into a house and lot there.

    1. So what’s stopping you? Where in the Philippines? Here in Calbayog? We are invested into a house and lot, but the house is not what we wanted because we ran short of money because of me getting laid off my job in Texas and not being able to find another one for over a year and a half. It’s still okay though and we hope to improve on it later.

    1. Why thank you Ben. It’s easy being honest because I really don’t know any other way to be. Oh I may tell a ‘white lie’ from time to time, but in the case of someone making a life decision of moving to the Philippines, there is no more for even ‘white lies’. I figure people need to know the facts to make an intelligent decision.

  5. Hello UJ,

    I enjoy reading your page and updates you post. Im also an American from Minnesota, retired and 62. I have been coming here to Calbayog for the past 4 years staying with my fiance in San Policarpo. I usually stay from Apr or May to Feb or Mar. Leaving for Cebu on the 24th of this month Jan. I will get my ECC at the BOI in Cebu and then fly out on the 4th of Feb to Korea, and on to Chicago and then Minneapolis. Anyway, thanks for your web page here as it’s fun to see what’s going on in Calbayog and other stuff here in the Philippines.

    1. Howdy Tom. I was wondering if you were still around. I remember that you are the first new person to send me a comment after we returned from Texas this past July. I was beginning to think that you were just someone that happen to see one of my posts on the internet, but you didn’t actually read the blog. I guess I’m wrong. I’ve been wrong before though.
      So do you go back to Minnesota every year for 2-3 months or do you sometimes go elsewhere? We’d like to be able to go back to Texas each year, but his last time, I gained 21 pounds in the 2 months we were there. I can’t afford to keep doing that. It’s getting harder and harder to lose the weight again.
      San Policarpo? Isn’t that where Marcial’s Grille is? I’ve been to and/or through it quite a few times, but I didn’t see you outside waving your arms around or anything like that.
      Anyway, I’m glad you like what I post and I will try to continue to put good things in here. Sometimes it’s hard when all I do is hang around the house, but I’ll see what I can do without boring y’all into a coma.

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