July 19, 2024

5 thoughts on “A Ticket to Ride – Part 2

  1. Guam is a lovely island and I am sure you will enjoy it. A bit cumbersome though, like most of the states public transportation is kind of sparse, if you don’t have a car your screwed. And yes Taxis are not cheap because they cater to the Japanese tourists. They have a really, I mean really nice USO but its downtown and not walking distance from the airport. I did not see a USO at the airport though. The bases are really nice, but as you can see from the map one is at each end of the island and the airport is smack in the middle lolol. And when the speed limit on the whole island is only 35 MPH it takes awhile to get around.

    UJ, when are you going to travel again? I have a niece who works at the Guam airport and I can ask her about bus schedules and if there are military shuttle buses etc. Also, have you tried the Navy lodge web page? I believe that they have an online booking thingy. I know you are Air Force but you might have to lower yourself lolol ;).

    1. Howdy Scott. I hope we do enjoy Guam, we will be there for at least a weekend, maybe longer depending on Space A. That USO is apparently next to or maybe even in a hotel there. I think the name of the hotel is Royal Orchard. I’ve looked at so many hotels there recently it’s hard to remember. I did notice the bad setup of the bases and the airport. Why they don’t have hotels closer to the base I guess I’ll find out when I get there.
      We are leaving here on 22 Aug and arriving via United Airlines flight UA192T on 23 Aug at 0535. I would love for you to find out that information for me. It’s something that I’ve been trying to do through the internet and e-mails, but I’m not having any good luck with it. It would sure make things with my wife go smoother. She is so worried we will run out of money with the expensive hotels and transportation.
      As for staying in Navy lodging, well I have lowered myself to doing that before and don’t mind doing it again. I have tried to get information through the DOD website, but it does not work for Guam correctly, at least not from here. If you could impose on your niece to find out if she can try to make a reservation for us, that would be super outstanding, but maybe too much trouble. If she knows of a better e-mail then the DOD one or the 36th Services Sq e-mail (it didn’t work either), then that would be something I could try to get done before we leave. I would much rather stay on a base, especially if there is a shuttle between the 2 bases.
      Thanks for the offer Scott, it sure would be greatly appreciated.

      1. Maybe I should just try to rent a car while there? Maybe rent it on base since the last place we plan to be before we leave is on base anyway. Something to think about.

        1. UJ,

          I’m your fellow Texan who lives off and on in Baybay. Has the Tocloban airport recovered completely from the typhoon? To be honest I always found the Tocloban airport a very dull place , but I guess they weren’t trying to please me. lol

          BTW one of the bloodiest battles in wwii was fought at Palau. Hope you enjoy your trip and your stay in Texas. If you get to Houston send me an e-mail. Take care.


          1. Rickey. I don’t know if it has recovered “completely”, but I’m told they are having flights out of there again. That’s another reason why we are going through Tacloban, so we can see how things are coming along. Personally I have not been down that way since the typhoon, so this trip should be a real eye opener to me.
            I doubt we will get anywhere near Houston, but you never know.
            P.S. I’m glad that battle is over, I don’t want to get in the middle of it.

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