May 23, 2024

5 thoughts on “Upgrading the Ciriaco Hotel and Resort in Calbayog City

  1. I wish they would add a racquetball court to that fitness…oops, I mean “gym!” I would join then. As far as finding affordable beach front property goes…good luck if you don’t have a jeepney-load full of pesos. The only place to find any affordable beach front property these days is probably on uninhabited islands or really desolate or isolated places, like Eastern Samar!

    1. Oh yeah, I wish there would be a racquetball court also, but it doesn’t look like there will. I guess you will have to build your own.
      I didn’t figure there was too much beach front property left around here, but I haven’t really checked.

        1. “If you build it he (I) will come”. I even have my own racquet around here somewhere, I think. Naturally I have had no use for it since I’ve been here, but I think I brought it, just in case racquetball catches on around here.

    2. Narcissa had some land at the northeast side od Division rod and the main highway, it is not exactly beachfront but across the road from the beach, great view , asking price was P5000 a SQM i think they had like 13 hectares there, on the hillside.

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